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Gelato and Fitness: The Best Flavors for Post-Workout Treats

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Nutrition is a central focus of your life. This is why you stick to strict workouts and always get your daily recommended amount of protein to stay fit.

Even the most dedicated fitness enthusiast needs to indulge their sugar cravings now and again, and ice cream has always been your go-to post-work out cheat treat!

If you want a sweet treat with fewer calories, fat, and lingering regrets, look no further than your neighborhood gelato shop.

Give us a few minutes of your time, and we guarantee you will be convinced that gelato is a popular, health-conscious choice compared to ice cream, brownies, cupcakes, and other high-fat sweets.

Trust us, you will feel comfortable enjoying it after sweating it out on the treadmill.

healthier than ice cream
Enjoy a sweet treat without sacrificing your gains!

Ask Any Fitness Expert, And They Will Agree: Gelato is Healthier Than Ice Cream

You make it a point to eat fit, and you can see the results of all your hard work and dedication.

It is essential to treat yourself now and again with a bit of a sweet indulgence, even if it is only once a month!

If you gain any insight from this article, it is hoped that there are healthier frozen alternatives to ice cream!

You might be pleasantly surprised to learn that one of ice cream’s biggest competitors is actually lower in fat and calories.

Read on to learn about why some subtle differences between ice cream and gelato make a massive difference in your daily caloric intake:

ice cream vs gelato
Can you tell the difference? One is actually a lot healthier than the other!

Gelato vs. Ice Cream: What Is the Difference?

Although on paper, gelato and ice cream seem very similar, there are several reasons why when you put the two powerhouses, gelato vs. ice cream, head-to-head, the result is gelato is the clear winner:

Gelato is handcrafted with milk instead of cream: Heavy cream contains more fat and calories than milk, making gelato the obvious health-conscious choice.

Gelat is made with a combination of fresh fruits and lower-calorie ingredients. Unlike ice cream, which is often manufactured with artificial sweeteners and dyes, gelato is handcrafted in small batches with fresh fruits and lower-calorie ingredients.

Gelato is churned slower than ice cream: Churning gelato more slowly provides a denser texture, meaning you can feel fuller after eating a smaller serving.

Here is another surprising key difference: Gelato is served slightly warmer than traditional ice cream.

This means gelato is not only easier to scoop, but it is also less likely to cause the dreaded ice cream headache!

gelato in coneEating Gelato: A Smart Way to Indulge Your Sweet Tooth

You walked out of the gym room or are sweating after watching hardcore YouTube videos and need a way to cool down fast.

Ice cream has been your number-one go-to, but you are tired of the wasted calories.

Check out I Scream Gelato for over 70 flavors of gelato!

Many of our gelatos are fruit-based, making them an even better option for fit, calorie-conscious work out enthusiasts.

Your body will thank you for the cooling sensation and sweet indulgence of healthier, fruit-based gelatos, including lemon, strawberry, or banana.

If you are lactose intolerant, we also serve a wide variety of vegan sorbet.

gelato smoothie
Gelato smoothies are a thing..and well worth walking miles for!

Done Walking? Treat Yourself By Enjoying A Gelato Smoothie

It’s time to go home after a long walk, and you are ready to enjoy your fit daily smoothie.

Let’s face it: Sometimes, your fruit and vegetable-based smoothie is boring, bland, and hard to swallow.

Here are a few tips to make your smoothie more palatable and something to look forward to after a long walk, run, or your time at the gym:

Add a scoop of gelato: Make a quick, healthy gelato smoothie by combining your favorite fruits, vegetables, and a scoop of protein powder with a serving of vanilla gelato!

Toss in a handful of ice cubs or a banana to thicken your watery smoothie: Nothing is worse than a runny smoothie, so thicken up your post-work out treat with ice cubes, a banana, or a scoop of gelato!

Sprinkle in a pinch of salt: If you want to bring out the sweet flavor of fruit and gelato in your smoothie, add a pinch of salt.

Can’t fit a trip to I Scream Gelato into your daily schedule? Don’t sweat it!

Order gelato to-go, or contact your favorite food delivery service and order it straight from the store!

squats leg day
Time for squats…leg day can’t be avoided! But that doesn’t mean you can’t reward yourself afterwards.

It’s Been a Rough Legs Day: Pair Your Favorite Fruit Gelato With Healthy Options

It’s leg day again, and you are feeling it! You cannot fit fixing a major post-workout meal into your schedule and instead want a quick caloric pick-me-up.

Understanding what your body is craving is paramount, and if you are consumed with thoughts of gelato after a few reps on the leg press, enjoy a little indulgence by stopping in at I Scream Gelato!

fruit and vegAre Gelato and Vegetables the Perfect Pairing?

Discover new unique flavor combinations by pairing your favorite gelato flavors with your favorite vegetables; here are a few fun ideas:

  • Savory celery stuffing and cranberry gelato are the perfect way to enjoy your Thanksgiving calories
  • Earthy, bitter carrots and sweet vanilla gelato
  • Sweet potatoes and pistachio gelato (Trust us, you will love it!)
health gelato
Made from milk rather than cream, gelato is the chilled treat without the guilt!

good moodGelato Can Improve Your Mood With Less Guilt

Several scientific articles have been written about how a little sugar can lift your mood and turn a bad day into a wonderful experience.

Working out releases endorphins, and eating sugar releases endorphins.

Enjoy a refreshing scoop of gelato after an hour of cardio or on the rowing machine for a double punch of feel-good hormones.

gelato in the park
Keeping fit doesn’t mean you must starve yourself of all treats. Everything in moderation!

Enjoy the Authentic Taste of Italy While Staying Fit

Italians have a secret weapon to help lift their spirits after a work out: gelato.

Maybe you need some motivation to get active, so why not turn on your favorite song?

In addition to indulging your sweet tooth, gelato and music have an amazing connection!

It’s a Sign: Your Body is Craving a Sweet Treat That Can Be Enjoyed After Strenuous Workouts

Craving sugar after working out isn’t uncommon. According to science, the carbohydrate storage in your muscles must be replenished.

This is why you always run to the refrigerator after the gym for a can of sugary soda or to your pantry for a chocolate chip cookie.

Instead of undoing all the fantastic progress you made working out, give your body what it is craving by stopping in and visiting the crew at I Scream Gelato!

Stop In At I Scream Gelato Any Day of the Week to Enjoy a Post-Workout Scoop of Gelato

The team at I Scream Gelato is passionate about two things: The art of handcrafting small batches of smooth gelato and ensuring our customers are happy!

An Italian treat for several centuries, gelato has become more and more popular, especially now that people are starting to realize it is lower in calories than ice cream and just plain tastes better.

workout gelato
Let us know if you have any questions about the connection between gelato and staying fit!

People Also Ask

Is gelato okay for weight loss?

Yes, anything in moderation is perfect for weight loss. Once again, because gelato is lower in calories and fat than ice cream, it is actually the ideal alternative.

Can gelato be healthy?

Absolutely, fruit-based gelato is a healthy alternative to several sweet treats, from a heaping slice of chocolate cake to a pint of your favorite ice cream. Just ensure that, like any other treat, you enjoy gelato in moderation.

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