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A family of four recently visited Denver, CO, and the youngest child wanted to visit all the ice cream shops in the city. Instead of ice cream, his older brother was interested in milkshakes or smoothies.

They finally settled on a gelato shop in the area, and they were pleasantly surprised to find there was something for the whole crew.

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Dad was able to try something new – an Italian Affogato, to be specific – and Mom opted for a smoothie. The two boys went their separate ways, with one choosing a giant chocolate milkshake and the youngest going for strawberry gelato and a s’mores hot chocolate. They had wandered into I Scream Gelato in Denver, CO.

We were pleased to have served this family of four, giving them a taste of what Colorado offers. Gone are the days of screaming for ice cream! I Scream Gelato will have you screaming for another scoop of gelato!

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Authentic Italian Gelato

I Scream uses natural ingredients to create an authentic Italian atmosphere in Colorado! The I Scream family began over the love of gelato and the lack of availability of gelato in the states. The state offers many different ice cream options, but ice cream does not fulfill the need for gelato.

They are two separate entities, although the general public likes to lump them together. I Scream set out to create authentic Italian gelato that has risen to adversaries of other gelato, dessert, and ice cream shops in Denver, CO.

We have offered gelato ingredients sourced directly from Italy to produce a premium product for our customers.

Fresh Gelato and Natural Ingredients

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Our gelato comes in a grand assortment of flavors, made with whole foods and natural ingredients rather than artificial flavors and processed ingredients.

That is truly the icing on top of the cake – if you cannot find a gelato shop that sources its ingredients from Italy or is available to provide the best gelato there is to offer, you have not tried I Scream!

Not An Ice Cream

Ice creams are made of very different ingredients than gelato. Ice creams utilize artificial flavors and heavy cream, whereas gelato uses more milk and local dairy for a base.

Looking into the gelato display is similar to realizing that a heaven location is truly on earth – you have finally found it!

Ice Cream Versus Gelato

Gelato has much less air in its mixture; it is slowly churned to avoid any air getting in or out because the less air in the frozen mixture, the more flavor payoff the customer receives.

Gelato is made up of much more milk than cream, which makes it less thick than ice cream.

Gelato is stored in cool temperatures but is never frozen, so your taste buds won’t be numb, and you can enjoy every scoop.

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But the Right Cream...

Gelato has just the right amount of texture and creaminess. It is kept at cold temperatures but not frozen temps to ensure a flavorful outcome every time. It is sweet without being too sweet (that makes your teeth hurt kind of sweet) and made from scratch by the I Scream chefs and family!

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Ice Cream Shops in the Denver Area

You have shops like Heaven Creamery in the Highlands Ranch and Denver area. Heaven Creamery focuses solely on ice cream and ice cream-related treats. Other shops that carry ice cream and gelato, like Glacier Homemade Ice Cream and Gelato, are located in Greenwood Village. Glacier Ice Cream does both – glacier ice cream and gelato options.

Other gelato options are limited...

Lastly, there are other gelato shops, such as Gelato Boy in the Denver area, but they are few and far between. You will find other places like Glacier Homemade Ice Cream all across the United States, but they do not do gelato as I Scream does gelato!

Our gelato shop is unlike the rest providing the best of all worlds, especially when it comes to frozen desserts!

Bubble Waffles & Beyond

Regular ice cream shops offer a banana split sundae or various sundae options, rainbow sorbets or other sorbet flavors, pastries wrapped in plastic, etc. Gelato is always supplied fresh and can be served between pancakes, wrapped in our bubble waffle cones, or blended into milkshakes!

The menu comprises a wide variety of authentic Italian gelato and delicious coffee beverages (hot and cold options), and don’t miss the hot chocolate or fresh smoothies!

We are doing gelato with a modern twist on the treat, approaching food from the consumer’s perception in today’s day and age. Our gelato is very far from vanilla, although we do offer a vanilla flavor!

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What's on the Menu

I Scream offers so many divergent flavors for customers to eat and drink! We do not have traditional sandwiches, but you can make a gelato sandwich out of pancakes or place glacier-size scoops on top of a waffle alongside the toppings of your choice!

From cinnamon to strawberry and fresh fruit to hot fudge – we have it all!

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Espresso Beverages

Grab a cup of coffee at I Scream Gelato in Colorado! We provide any kind of cup you would like:

  • Espresso
  • Americano and Lattes
  • Cappuccinos and Macchiatos
  • Mocha or Chai
  • Hot Chocolate or White Chocolate
  • Italian Affogato
  • Teas

*All Options can be made as iced drinks!

Flavors and Toppings

Pistachio gelato, Nutella gelato, salted Oreo gelato, and Ferrero Rocher gelato are examples of the flavors we offer customers at I Scream. We also provide a large number of toppings for all of our friends:


I Scream offers sauces to top it all off: caramel, chocolate, maple syrup, peanut butter, and white chocolate! You can’t go wrong with hot fudge and sprinkles!

Craving Sweet Food or a Cold Treat?

If you are in the mood for chocolate, something fruity, or a late-night treat that only our gelato shop can provide, you are in luck! We deliver!

Delicious Delivery Options

Trying to sleep, but you are tossing and turning, thinking about gelato? We understand what it can be like to have that longing you can’t shake.

Never fear; I Scream is here!

Delivery Carriers

Catering Coffee & Gelato in Denver, CO

Denver, Highlands Ranch, Greenwood Village, Cherry Hills, and all the surrounding areas! We can cater your next party or community events!

Gelato is a great option for an upcoming wedding dessert at the clock tower or served alongside cake for your child’s birthday party downtown at Denver’s Children’s Museum!

catering and events

Types of Events

  • Weddings
  • Divorce Parties
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties
  • Birthday Parties
  • Office Parties
  • Baby Showers or Gender Reveal
  • Holidays or ANY special day

No matter the event, gelato can add to the flavors!

Best Gelato in the Denver Area

I Scream has been converting people to the scream fam since its establishment in Breckenridge, Colorado. We are proud to have expanded our locations to Denver and are excited to be a part of this colorful community.

Our mission is to provide fresh gelato and the best gelato – creating an inclusive and enticing experience for everyone who walks through our doors!

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Franchise Opportunites in Colorado

We are always looking for new options for growth and expansion. If you are inquisitive or want to inquire about a franchise opportunity in Colorado or elsewhere and want to scream with us, please review the following link for more details.

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