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The Connection Between Gelato and Music

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What is your all-time favorite album?

Do you love rock music?

Do you have a passion for country or prefer an R&B track you can dance to?

Food has always been an inspiration for musicians, and chances are you haven’t even realized that some of your favorite bops are based on the sweet treats you love!

Here is the definitive guide to gelato flavor harmonies and a memorable playlist inspired by the dozens of gelato flavors!

jazz coffee caramel gelato
Smooth, good for the soul, and a little surprising. Sums up jazz and Coffee Caramel gelato perfectly!

Pairing Jazz Riffs With Coffee Caramel

Nothing compares to the cool tunes of some of jazz’s greatest artists – from Miles Davis to John Coltrane and Duke Ellington.

Gelato perfectly complements jazz, so get ready to pair each note with the perfect flavor for any jazz lover: Coffee Caramel.

Released in 1955 by Chris Barber’s Jazz Band & Skiffle Group, the song “Ice Cream” is a classic tune that cool cats will dig along with a scoop of smooth coffee caramel.

If you prefer New Orleans-style jazz, Louis Primas’ “Banana Split for My Baby” is a great song to listen to with your sweetie.

Stop into I Scream Gelato today and enjoy some smooth Denver gelato beats!

mango gelato beats

Mediterranian Beats That Pair Perfectly With Tropical Mango

The islands are calling, and if you prefer tapping your toes and enjoying a treat while listening to Jimmy Buffet, Harry Belafonte, or Don Ho – you cannot go wrong with tropical mango gelato!

Send an email invite to your friends, tell them to put on their favorite Hawaiian shirt, and turn on Jimmy Buffet’s biggest hit, “Margaritaville.”

Here’s a great idea: Add a scoop of gelato to your margarita to make your own unique concoction!

“Ice Cream Girl” by rapper Sean Kingston is the perfect follow-up and a must-listen for anyone who wants to enjoy a sweet treat and a fantastic island-inspired tune.

Keep I Scream Gelato in mind when you are ready to enjoy a tropical beat and a scoop of tasty tropical mango – Don’t forget the toppings!

dulce de leche opera gelato
You’ll be reaching those High C notes just thinking about our decadent Dulce de Leche gelato!

Dulce De Leche and Opera Go Hand-in-Hand

Opera and gelato are arguably the two best Italian inventions, so it only makes sense to listen to your favorite aria while sharing some dulce de leche with those you love.

Extra points if you are wearing a gown and opera glasses!

Take in a cone crescendo while humming along with Mozart’s “The Marriage of Figaro” or Puccini’s “Tosca.”

A perfect Rome-inspired gelato melody is a modern song from Italian favorite Pupo entitled “Gelato Al Ciccolato,” which translates to “Chocolate Gelato!”

chocolate gelato children's party
Which child will say no to chocolate flavoured gelato? A delight at any kids musical event!

Crowds of Kids Will Cheer For Chocolate and Popular Children’s Songs

The neighborhood kids clamor to gather at your house – and you want to give them a memorable evening, complete with classic children’s tunes and gelato!

No kid will turn down a scoop of chocolate gelato; all you need now is the perfect tunes to keep the kids entertained.

Jam out to “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” with some Reese’s gelato, or have a dance party with some strawberry or lemon gelato and listen to “The Fruit Salad Song” by The Wiggles!

rocky road gelato
With our delicious Rocky Road flavored gelato on hand, Weird Al would be proud!

Rock and Roll and Outrageous Gelato Flavors

There are a number of gelato pop icons and rock and roll songs about frozen treats.

You can give credit to the song “I Love Rock and Roll” to Alan Merrill and Jake Hooker, but if you want a music-inspired treat, enjoy a scoop of rocky road gelato while listening to Weird Al Yankovic’s parody “I Love Rocky Road!”

“Ice Cream Sandwich” from Podington Bear is, of course, great for anyone who wants to dance and dine on a gelato brioche sandwich.

Tom Wait’s “Ice Cream Man” is a somber rock tune best enjoyed with a more subdued flavor, such as classic vanilla.

workplace gelatoWork Doesn’t Have to Be Boring When You Combine Gelato and Music

After years of loyal service, shouldn’t you treat your employees to some great music and even better food?

At I Scream Gelato, we offer catering for any type of work-related event.

Are you planning a baby shower, an elegant bridal shower, an anniversary party, or a birthday bash?

We can cater these events, too!

music gelato party
Good times and positive vibes. That’s what gelato and music parties are all about!

boozy ice cream alcohol

Pairing Gelato, Food, and Drinks Equals the Perfect Party

Try creating some gelato flavor harmonies while pairing gelato with different foods and beverages.

For example, pair the occasion perfect gelato flavor, dark chocolate, with coffee after Christmas dinner.

Forget pumpkin pie; instead, salted caramel, cranberry, and strawberry are the perfect gelato Thanksgiving encore.

gelato and music
Synchronise your symphonies and sweet treats with some gelato!

You Will Feel Like a Best Selling Artist When You Hear Your Favorite Song and Indulge in Your Favorite Gelato

You can live out all your rock and roll fantasies while dining on amazing gelato!

At I Scream Gelato, we have a wide variety of flavors to choose from – and each will complement your favorite song, artist, or genre.

Stop into one of our conveniently located gelaterias or have gelato delivered to your house.

Either way, you will find that gelato will only make your favorite song sound that much sweeter!

music video gelato
Embark on your own musical odyssey with our inspiring range of gelato flavors!

Gelato and Great Tunes: Create a Music Video Inspired By Your Favorite Flavors

You don’t need to be a master at photography to create a music video inspired by gelato!

You just need a group of like-minded gelato enthusiasts, a hot beat, and a scoop or two of your favorite flavors!

Don’t be surprised when you are heard around the world, and you have a website dedicated to your amazing gelato-inspired tunes – Get ready to design your merch and plan a tour!

musical gelato
Making your taste buds dance!

You Will Love Listening to Tunes While Sampling the Treats at I Scream Gelato!

You’ve always been a diehard ice cream enthusiast, but you are ready to take a walk on the wild side and sample what all the buzz surrounding gelato is about.

At I Scream Gelato, we can also introduce you to a new world of unique flavors, unforgettable tastes, and textures.

Forget Lennon and McCartney or East Coast vs. West Coast; the biggest battle is the gelato vs. ice cream riff, and at I Scream Gelato, we are here to prove to you that gelato will always reign supreme!

Why is gelato superior to ice cream?

The answer is simple – gelato has a smoother texture and richer flavor, and because it is made with milk rather than heavy cream, gelato is actually a healthier option.

What could be better than that?

Are you ready to sample gelato for yourself?

Contact us today to learn about the 70 different flavors of gelato featured at our several convenient locations, including Denver, Miami Beach, Columbus, and Breckenridge, Frisco, CO.

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