Gelato for Thanksgiving 2023? You Bet Ya!

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Thanksgiving is all about traditions – from Grandma’s top-secret savory turkey stuffing recipe to Mom’s mango pie and Dad’s unforgettable take on Parker house rolls.

You aren’t ready to give up on these traditions; you just want to add a new twist to everyone’s absolute favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner: dessert.

Imagine the looks of awe and excitement on the faces of your loved ones when you present them with a cool, refreshing, big gelato tub!

Make it a November to remember by serving gelato after a heavy Thanksgiving dinner.

gelato for thanksgiving
Gelato is the best treat for the late fall. Even in cold weather, the sweet chill on the taste buds offers instant delight!

pilgrim hatForget Pumpkin Pie: Gelato is the Best Thanksgiving Treat

A traditional Thanksgiving is a symphony of sweet and salty flavors, from the family-favorite buttery rolls to thick cranberry sauce.

After you eat all those courses, and your belly is full of turkey and salt, the last thing you want is a thick piece of pumpkin pie.

Instead, give your full stomachs a break and serve a cool, crisp, and refreshing scoop of gelato.

If you still want to enjoy a slice of pie or cake, gelato makes the perfect pairing for every traditional or unusual Thanksgiving dessert.

gelato spade
Because of it’s warmer temperature to ice cream, gelato can be served with a steel spade

gelato servedThanksgiving in Ice Cream Form: The Right Way to Serve Gelato After Dinner

You love gelato but aren’t quite sure when and how to serve gelato the proper way.

Serve the gelato too soon; it could be sitting on the perfectly decorated holiday table too long, leaving people with no choice but to drink the melted gelato through a straw!

Gelato is stored and served warmer than ice cream; the ideal serving temperature is around eight degrees Fahrenheit.

Because gelato is meant to be enjoyed at a slightly warmer temp, which enhances the intricate flavors of the dessert, it should be served with a spade rather than an ice cream scooper.

Otherwise, you can enjoy gelato in the same way you would any ice cream – in a bowl, a waffle cone, or even on top of a thick piece of pecan pie!

turkeyThe Perfect Palate Cleanser: Pairing Gelato With Every Course

Many fine-dining restaurants serve sorbet as a palate cleanser between meals.

Why not think outside the box and pair gelato with every course?

For example, serve any variety of berry-flavored gelato with your parsley and thyme stuffing.

Pineapple gelato is the perfect flavor to serve with a sweet and salty Virginia ham.

Serving turkey bacon for a Thanksgiving brunch – choose a fresh, citrus flavor, such as lemon.

Want to learn more? Here are some additional tips on how to pair gelato with food!

gelato thanksgiving table
Make gelato a staple at your Thanksgiving table!

churro gelatoCreate an Unforgettable Thanksgiving Table: Fun Ways to Serve Gelato

You’re convinced that gelato is the perfect Italian dessert for Thanksgiving – but you are feeling adventurous!

Skip the bowls in favor of festive, Thanksgiving-inspired ways that are guaranteed to wow your guests and leave you with endless positive comments!

For example, serve your loved ones a fun take on a traditional Latin dessert, the churro, by creating homemade churro gelato sandwiches.

Affogato is a strong cup of espresso paired with the perfect scoop of vanilla gelato!

graham crackerDon’t Forget the Graham Cracker Crust: Using Gelato as an Out-of-the-Box Dessert Ingredient

The main gelato ingredients – milk, cream, sugar, and egg yolks – make it the perfect base for several quick, easy, and light Thanksgiving desserts.

For instance, craft no-mess cheesecake by substituting the sugar and eggs with your favorite flavor of gelato, from peppermint to peanut butter or even mint chocolate chip.

Simply pour the mixture into a premade graham cracker crust and watch as your friends and family “Ooh” and “Ahh” at your easy homemade dessert!

Make sure to have the camera ready because you will want a video of their reactions when they realize you handcrafted the “homemade” treat with gelato!

thanksgiving gelato flavors
Gelato flavors that remind you of your favourite Thanksgiving treats are widely available!

cranberry sauceThanksgiving-Inspired Gelato Toppings

Want to make an unforgettable scoop of gelato even better? Cover the gooey, melty gelato with a variety of Turkey Day-flavored toppings.

Of course, there is the classic cranberry sauce or candied pecans.

Why not get a little dangerous with some dark chocolate paired with raspberry or peach jam?

Do your research and poll friends and family about their favorite must-haves before creating the ultimate toppings bar for your Thanksgiving table.

Popsicles are a easy way to take your frozen treat on the go without worrying about leftover bowls or partially eaten cones!

popsicleHoliday Popsicles: The Newest, Mess-Free Way to Serve Gelato

Kids and gelato is the perfect recipe for a major, although fun, mess.

Why not save yourself the hassle of cleaning up dirty bowls or picking up half-eaten waffle cones?

Why not serve your gelato in a fun new way: Holiday popsicles!

I Scream Gelato is proud to serve a wide variety of holiday popsicles that are guaranteed to make your loved ones put the pumpkin pie away in favor of a pistachio, chocolate, or donut popsicle.

Contact us today to order a larger quantity, just in time for the holidays!

gelato at thanksgivingVisiting Friends and Family for Thanksgiving: Gelato Makes the Perfect Host Gift!

Bringing a host gift is an excellent way to say “Thank You” to the loving person who brought you into their home for the holidays.

Sure, you could bring a nice bottle of wine, yet another pumpkin pie, or an expensive bag of coffee – but you want your host gift to stand out.

I Scream Gelato offers all our unique flavors of gelato to-go.

We sell gelato in three sizes – small, medium, or large – and you can choose up to four different flavors, depending on the size you choose.

Imagine the look of surprise and gratitude on your parents’, friends’, or in-laws’ faces when you present them with the ultimate dessert: gelato!

I scream gelato
Stop into our I Scream Gelato outlet today and check out our ever-growing selection of flavors!

I scream gelatoFind the Perfect Thanksgiving Inspired Gelato in Denver

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and you want to create a memorable dinner that will keep your friends and family entertained and talking throughout the holiday season.

At I Scream Gelato, we have several dozen rotating flavors of gelato that are guaranteed to please everyone in your family.

Does your family love traditional vanilla or chocolate?

Maybe you have a curious, adventurous teen who wants to try something with a little more kick, like cotton candy or Kit Kat.

No matter what the palate or the occasion, I Scream Gelato has got you covered!

Although “ice cream gelato” is clumped together and often believed to be interchangeable, there are several differences between the two that must be noted.

For example, did you know that because gelato is made with milk than heavy cream – which is a main ingredient in traditional ice cream – gelato has less fat and calories than its frozen cousin?

Gelato truly is the perfect dessert, and in addition to being the ideal ending to a perfect Thanksgiving dinner, gelato is ideal for any occasion, including your parents’ anniversary or best friend’s baby shower.

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