Low-Cost Investment Opportunity with High Potential Returns

"Life is too short for ordinary ice cream. Make it extraordinary with I Scream Gelato!"

Become Your Own Boss and Gain Access to Huge Profit Potential

Do you want to see a quick return on your investment with a profitable business model in a market with little-to-no competition? I Scream Gelato is a boutique-style store serving Italian desserts and coffee. We are committed to helping entrepreneurs create wealth while enriching communities with a fun culture. The I Scream Gelato design is simple and streamlined, allowing potential franchisees with varying levels of experience in the food service industry to reach new levels. I Scream Gelato is determined to bring authentic world class gelato to the table.   

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Franchisees can expect extensive help as well as training and guidance throughout their experience with us. A united support structure behind the scenes allows each individual store to flourish and further build the I Scream Gelato brand as a whole. I Scream Gelato’s goal is to spread the joy of Italian frozen treats to a wider audience across the United States. This delicious confection is handcrafted from only the best ingredients sourced from Italy to create the most authentic experience possible. Together, we can let this sweet idea melt across the U.S. and beyond!  

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The I Scream Gelato business model is based on commitment to quality service and proven operational, sales, and marketing techniques. Are you interested in owning a socially responsible desert business with impressive growth potential? Be a part of a franchise network that values your success.   

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Franchise Facts

The initial franchise fee is $30,000 and the minimum estimated cost is $225,000, including the franchise fee.

Our franchisees and their employees will not be left to struggle alone through the difficulties of building and maintaining their boutiques. We offer a variety of support services to boost success rates and increase dividends for our entrepreneurs

How We Support Our Franchisees

Operational Support

I Scream Gelato will offer support for franchises on various operational fronts including providing site selection services, conducting ongoing research and development, and negotiating purchasing discounts on behalf of all of its members.

Marketing Support

Marketing within the franchise network will all be coordinated with consumer marketing plans and materials to be used at local and/or regional levels.

Comprehensive and Ongoing Training

Franchises will receive continual training on various aspects of the business such as customer-service techniques, unit operations/management, and administration.

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What We Look for in Our Franchisees

We are looking for coffee enthusiast with a business background who want to build a lasting legacy for themselves, their families, and their community.

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The Franchise Process


Complete our form on our website and we will reach out to provide you with more information.

Kick Off

We will schedule an in-person or remote meeting to review your application and discuss details as we begin our partnership.

Discovery Day

Our franchise development representative will schedule a visit to our corporate location. Here, we will review detailed information on our business model, support, and marketing tools available.

Foundational Knowledge

Our leadership team will train you and your team to prepare you to establish and operate your own I Scream Gelato franchise.

Get Started

We are looking forward to getting to know you! Begin your new journey by filling out our contact form below. 

Are You Craving the Sweet Taste of Success?

If you are a potential business leader of high integrity, we invite you to share in our sweet visions of the future. Join us in spreading the taste of gelato across the United States and beyond with our beautiful boutiques!

This is not a franchise offering. A franchise offering can be made by us only in a state if we are first registered, excluded, exempted or otherwise qualified to offer franchises in that state, and only if we provide you with an appropriate franchise disclosure document. Follow-up or individualized responses to you that involve either effecting or attempting to effect the sale of a franchise will be made only if we are first in compliance with state registration requirements, or are covered by an applicable state exclusion or exemption.

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