What is the Best Month to Visit Breckenridge?

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Colorado is a state of unmatched beauty, a never-ending number of outdoor activities, plentiful fine-dining restaurants, and, of course, perfectly groomed ski slopes.

Breckenridge, CO, is on your bucket list – but you aren’t quite sure if you should enjoy whitewater rafting in the summer months, avoid the crowds by visiting in autumn, or join your fellow winter sports enthusiasts during the colder months.

Like any other premier tourist destination, there are pros and cons to visiting Breckenridge any month of the year, and ultimately, the best time to visit is based on your budget, lifestyle, and if you prefer skiing, leaf peeping, dancing through fields of wildflowers, or soaking up some rays!

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Peak season for Brekenridge CO is during summer and winter. More festivals and other events are available than during the spring or fall

summer winterBreckenridge High Season vs. Low Season

Like other Colorado tourist towns, Breckenridge features two different and distinct seasons: The High Season and the Low Season.

The “High Season” is June through early September and mid-December through late March to early April.

These are the peak tourist times because the winter weather is favorable for skiing, and the summer months are perfect for just about every outdoor activity.

From exploring hiking trails to swimming, biking, bird watching, or simply strolling through the historic Main Street.

The Low Season might sound ominous and uninviting, but these are just the periods when there are fewer tourists.

In Breckenridge, the low season is late April through May and mid-October through the middle of December.

Basically, the low season is when there isn’t a significant snow accumulation on the snow hills, the flowers are not in bloom, and there aren’t any summer or winter festivals drawing people into the area.

Low season is the cheapest time to visit Breckenridge, but there are often fewer things to do.

Conversely, suppose you visit in June, July, August, December, January, or February.

In that case, Breckenridge is a dream location – but you will pay an extra cost for all those festivals, events, and prime skiing.

Skiing is Breckenridge’s primary leisure!

skiingVisiting Breckenridge During the Ski Season

The Rocky Mountains are calling, and you are ready to answer!

The ski season typically runs from November through April, and during this time, the Breckenridge area receives around 200 inches of snow, and the average temperature is around 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are plenty of ski resorts through Breckenridge, which are found mainly on the southern portion of the Tenmile Range or peaks six through 10 of the Rocky Mountains.

save moneyCan I Save Money Booking a Breckenridge Ski Resort?

The costs of wintering in Breckenridge are making your head spin – But you aren’t ready to give up on your dream of vacationing in the Breck just yet.

Luckily, there are a multitude of simple ways you can save serious money on your next winter vacation in Summit County:

  • Book your stay ASAP: Watch for cancellations, book through an established rental company, and be persistent until you find a great deal.
  • Hop on a free gondola or bus: There are plenty of free options for transportation and free parking – Take advantage of them.
  • Bundle your lift passes: Many companies bundle everything you need to enjoy an afternoon on the slopes, including equipment and lift passes.

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ullrCome for the Skiing and Stay for the Other Winter Outdoor Activities

Breckenridge during the winter is magical, and even if you don’t ski or snowboard, there is no end of ways to keep you and the kids entertained during the snowy season.

Here are a few must-see attractions, events, and wonders you need to check out during your winter vacay in Breckenridge:

  • Breckenridge Ullr Fest: It is only fitting that a festival celebrating the Norse God of skiing would occur every December in Breckenridge!
  • International Snow Sculpture Festival: Ice artists and sculptors from around the world compete – This is a must-see for all your family members.
breckenridge spring
Springtime in Brekenridge may mean fewer snow activities but overall costs will be lower too!

cheaperBreckenridge in Spring: Wildflowers and Cheaper Prices

Outdoor enthusiasts flock to the Breck, Park City, Vail, and the other hottest tourist spots in winter – but you are a savvy traveler who wants to save money while still enjoying the natural majesty of Colorado.

If you are visiting Breckenridge with kids and your budget is tight, springtime is the right time to tour the area.

pros and consPros and Cons of Spending Your Spring Break in Colorado

Imagine strolling through a mountain pass with the wildflowers blooming, the bees buzzing, and the sweet smell of fresh air entering your lungs.

Breckenridge in spring is beautiful, but there are pros and cons to spending your spring break in South Central Colorado:

  • The high elevation: Breckenidge’s elevation is almost twice the elevation of Denver – which means you will have to deal with the very real possibility of altitude sickness.
  • Breckenridge hotels are cheap: Most travelers want to save money, and if you do too, the hotels and rental properties are far more inexpensive during spring.
  • Lack of festivals and activities: Most festivals, live music, and events are planned for the busy seasons – meaning you won’t have access to as many fun, special outings in the spring.
breckenridge beer festival
The Breckenridge Beer Festival is a major music and refreshments event each summer!

summerSummer in Summit County: A Great Time to Visit Breckenridge

Ask anyone who frequents Breckenridge, and they will tell you that the city is arguably at its most beautiful during the summer.

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dog sleddingMust-See Summer Activities and Outings

Summer is the prime time to tour Breckenridge, and when you are in the area, here are a few must-see attractions and must-experience festivals:

  • Summer dog sledding: Love the idea of dog sledding but hate the cold? Summer dog sledding is a popular activity and a great way to explore the outskirts of Breckenridge.
  • Breckenridge Summer Beer Festival: Over 40 of the best breweries in the area are featured at this popular weekend-long event, along with live music, beer tasting, and plenty of fantastic food.
  • Breckenridge Wine Classic: Wine tasting is a must in Breckenridge, and if you don’t want to visit every winery in the area, check out the wine classic!

crowdBe Prepared for the Summer Crowds

If you think the powder days of winter are hectic, you’ve never visited the area during the summer.

Tourists flock to Breckenridge, particularly the downtown area and popular outdoor attractions, including hiking, biking, rafting, and fly fishing.

Want to know how the locals are able to enjoy summer activities?

They book early, wait until the end of summer, and enjoy the most popular attractions during the week rather than on the weekends.

temperatureThe Average Temperatures in Summer

T-shirts and shorts are a staple for outdoor enthusiasts, but even if you are visiting Breckenridge during the hottest month of the year, which is July, make sure to pack a light jacket, especially if you are exploring the mountains.

The average temperatures in summer are rarely above 75 degrees Fahrenheit and can dip into the 50s once the sun sets, meaning you’ll want to park a warm jacket even in summer if you want to stargaze on the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

spf cream
Even in winter, the Rockies sun can be relentless in its UV strength. Protecting yourself in spf cream is crucial!

spfFrom Extra Layers to Sun Protection: Dressing For the Weather and Changing Seasons

Want to know what Breckenridge is known for, aside from the scenic views and skiing? The unpredictable weather!

Sure, Breckenridge is seasonable and pleasant during the summer and winter, but don’t forget to pack your sunscreen, especially if you are hiking or skiing the Rockies.

Breckenridge enjoys an astonishing 243 sunny days yearly, much higher than the average in the rest of the country, which is 203.

In addition to packing your SPF, make sure to bring along plenty of layers, even in summer.

This will allow you to stay very comfortable throughout the day and into the evening, when the temperatures drop significantly once the sun dips below the horizon.

Don’t forget, you can always warm yourself up with a scoop of alcohol-infused gelato at our gelateria!

calendarExploring Breckenridge Without Breaking the Bank: When Is the Best Time to Visit?

Is your budget the primary determinant of your vacation timeline?

Don’t worry; you’re not alone!

Even if Breckenridge feels cost-prohibitive and out of your reach, you can still enjoy the luxury of Breckenridge on a budget.

spring flowerLate March through Late April

The snow is melting, the flowers are fragrant and blooming, and most importantly, the hotels are empty, and the resorts are desperate for guests.

What does this mean for you? The possibility to save hundreds or even thousands on hotels, car rentals, and airfare – Just remember to pack a jacket and rain boots!

cycling in fall
Nothing takes your mind off the daily toil like a cycle through the trails surrounding Breckenridge

fall leavesAutumn in Colorado: The Perfect Time for Scenic Drives and Fall Colors

If the perfect weather isn’t enough to convince you that autumn in Breckenridge is spectacular, consider all the amazing ways you and your family can make some incredible memories:

  • Incomparable leaf peeping: Check out French Gulch Road, Lake Dillon, Mount Royal, and Boreas Pass for the best fall colors.
  • Oktoberfest: Sure, a lot of towns celebrate Oktoberfest, but none of them do it quite like Breckenridge – Come for the beer and stay for the authentic German cuisine.
  • Spooky ghost tours: Like other Colorado mining towns, Breckrndige is steeped in history, mystery, and the macabre.

I scream gelatoNo Trip to Breckenridge Would Be Complete With a Stop at I Scream Gelato!

Whether you catch the first snowfall in early November, want to gaze at the breathtaking views of yellow and reds in early October, or want to hike the foothills in late September, no visit to the Breck would be complete without a visit to I Scream Gelato.

The Perfect Gelato Flavor for Every Season

There is no wrong time to visit Breckenridge; it really just depends on whether you want to ski, smell the wildflowers, check out the fall colors, or swim in the Sawmill Reservoir.

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faq breckenridge
Let us know if you have any questions about Breckenridge CO and all it has to offer!

Our Customers Also Ask

daysHow many days do you need in Breckenridge?

To truly take in all the sights of Breckenridge, plan to spend at least three to five days in the city.

Spend that first day easing into the sights and sounds by exploring the historic downtown and main street, dining, and shopping while your body acclimates to the higher elevations.

Once you are well acclimated, go crazy with all the high-impact outdoor activities available in the area.

snowfallWhat is the snowiest month in Breckenridge?

Surprisingly, March is the snowiest month in the Breckenridge area, with an average snowfall of around 23 inches.

The coldest month is January, and February is ideal if you want to enjoy the groomed trails and slightly warmer temps.

The busiest tourist month is May!

skierHow crowded is Breckenridge in winter?

To say that Breckenridge is busy in winter is an understatement.

Consider this statistic: Breckenridge Ski Resort is arguably the most well-known, popular resort in the area, with an average of 1.6 million visitors annually.

This can seem very claustrophobic for a town of 5,710 permanent residents!

expensiveIs Breckenridge expensive to visit?

The cost of living in Breckenridge is very high, and unfortunately, so is the average cost of a vacation.

You can expect to pay around $1,398/person for a one-week stay in Breckenridge, and the price is often much higher during the peak times, including summer and winter.

Once again, the best way to save big on your Breck vacation is to visit in the spring and fall, book early, and pay ahead of time for most attractions.

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