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Snow-capped Scoops: Celebrating the Art of Gelato in Breckenridge’s Winter Wonderland

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From Aspen and Park City to Steamboat Springs and Telluride, several top ski destinations are spread throughout the United States. If you want to experience a truly unique town that just so happens to have some of the most brilliant ski resorts in Colorado, look no further than Breckenridge.

With just under 5,000 people, Breckenridge feels like a small town where you can enjoy an afternoon stroll in summer and some fantastic skiing and snowboarding during the holiday season.

While you are touring Breckenridge, please stop in and visit us at I Scream Gelato. Our gelato is handcrafted and slow-churned to perfection. We have an extensive menu of gelato, vegan gelato, hot chocolate, hot and iced beverages, and sweet desserts that will delight every member of your family.

breckenridge co
Breckenridge is a glistening oasis in the deep of the Rockies

The Magic of Holiday Season: Gelato in Breckenridge’s Winter Wonderland

Nothing compares to Christmas in Breckenridge. If you are lucky enough to stay at a resort or book a hotel room in this majestic town, explore all the restaurants and other unique attractions Breckenridge has to offer. You can also try a scoop of gelato from I Scream Gelato.

Cozy up to a fire and try a scoop of Dulce de Leche or eat a waffle cone filled with Banana Chocolate or Salted Butter Caramel. Gelato is handcrafted and made with a variety of fresh ingredients. You can rest assured that if you grab a cone or bowl of gelato from I Scream Gelato, you will be in for a unique treat that you will not forget.

breckenridge tourism office
From ghost tours to slalom slides, Breckenridge Tourism Office is filled with fun activity suggestions!

The Unique Connection Between Gelato and Breckenridge Tourism Office

If this is your first trip to Breckenridge, Colorado, stop at the Breckenridge tourism office. The friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you discover all the fantastic sites and attractions Breckenridge offers. The team can answer questions about the area and share some of the lesser-known attractions, restaurants, and events that will make you feel like a bonafide local.

For example, because Breckenridge sits at the base of a mountain, one of the biggest draws to the area is obviously skiing. But did you know that Breckenridge is also famous for its ghost tours?

There are over a dozen ghost tours that you can enjoy year-round. One of the most popular sites you will visit is the local cemetery. There, you will be delightfully regaled with stories about all the infamous locals buried there and their untimely demise! Most tours are designed for adults and kids of all ages, but you might want to leave the kids in the hotel or at the resort for this one!

While you are enjoying a ghost tour, strolling through the Illuminated African Stone Sculptures, or getting ready for a day of skiing on the Rocky Mountains, make sure to stop into I Scream Gelato Breckenridge. In addition to serving you a delicious bowl of gelato, including classic flavors such as vanilla or lemon, you can warm up with a cup of hot chocolate or a cappuccino.

race of santas breckenridge co
You better watch out…Santa Claus is coming to Breckenridge!

Illuminating the Night with Holiday String Lights and Gelato in Breckenridge

Breckenridge is beautiful all year long – but nothing beats Breckenridge and the whole of Colorado during the holidays. The winter months are truly the ideal time to plan some adventures in Breckenridge. If you are going to spend the holidays in Breckenridge, take part in a local tradition that helped put Breckenridge on the map: The Lighting of Breckenridge and the Race of Santas.

Hundreds of Santas complete a run down main street each December to usher in the holiday season. You can even dress up yourself and the kids and join in on the festivities. The Ullr Fest is another fun activity that is a must-see if you are in Breckenridge or nearby Denver during the month of December.

During the holiday season, thousands descend on Breckenridge to give praise to the Norse God of Snow, Ullr. The weekend festivities include a Main St. parade, giant bonfires, and several food vendors.

While you are enjoying all the festivities, make sure to stop in and say “Hello” to the fantastic crew at I Scream Gelato. Whether you want a scoop after dinner or skip a meal and just indulge in a waffle cone or bubble cone of gelato instead, you are guaranteed to have a fun time if you enjoy gelato while you are taking part in the many holiday-themed activities and events Breckenridge has to offer.

gelato in usa
Gelato first arrived on these shores back in 1770, courtesy of Giovanni Biasiolo

From Italy to Breckenridge: The Journey of Authentic Gelato

Whether you are visiting Breckenridge for a ski weekend in January or want to explore the city during the summer, there is always something fun to do throughout Colorado. This includes indulging in a bowl or cone of gelato. Ever wonder how gelato made its way from Italy to the United States?

Although people across the globe have enjoyed many forms of frozen sweets for centuries, modern gelato as you know it today was invented in Florence by native Bernardo Buontalenti in the 16th century. The frozen dessert grew in popularity very quickly but was eclipsed by its confectionary cousin: ice cream.

It took several decades for gelato, which means “frozen” in Italian, to make its way to the United States. The first gelateria in New York City was opened by Italian Giovanni Biasiolo in 1770. Eventually, word spread about gelato, and by the 20th century, several gelaterias begin popping up in towns and cities across America – including Breckenridge, Colorado.

i scream gelato breckenridge address
Come visit us on S Main St here n Breckenridge!

Gelato: An Unexpected Star in Breckenridge’s Winter Culinary Scene

Breckenridge is known for being one of the hottest tourist attractions in the Rocky Mountains area. But did you know that in addition to world-class skiing and beautiful resorts, Breckenridge is also known for its eclectic nightlife and amazing food? Several four-star restaurants are situated in Breckenridge, making it the ideal place to explore the outdoors, expand your palate, and sample some fantastic cuisine.

When you are done being served excellent food at any one of the city’s fabulous dining establishments, make sure to check out I Scream Gelato! After dining out at a local restaurant, nothing completes an evening like enjoying a decadent cup of Coco Bloom, Key Lime Pie, or Chocolate Orange gelato.

gelato flavors
The only limits to gelato flavors are what your imagination allows!

Artisanal Gelato: A Must-Try Experience for Breckenridge Visitors

Gelato has evolved over the centuries from its original, humble beginnings. Traditionally, gelato is made from a mixture of milk and sugar. All natural ingredients are added to the concoction, and the gelato is churned very slowly. The slow churn is what gives gelato its signature creaminess and density.

Ice cream, conversely, is churned at a much faster rate. This is why ice cream is fluffier and airier than gelato. Additionally, because the cream is the dairy used to manufacture ice cream, the product is also higher in calories and fat than gelato.

Today’s gelato comes in a wide variety of unique and daring flavors. Walk into any gelateria across the United States, and you will discover artisans creating wild and imaginative gelato flavors you could only dream about. We are proud to say that the artisans at I Scream Gelato are at the forefront of gelato exploration.

Families can stop at our gelato shop and sample wild and exotic flavor combinations, including White Chocolate w/Cookies, Lemon Meringue or gelato made with Kit Kat, or even cotton candy. If you like traditional flavors, of course, I Scream Gelato has a wide selection of more established, familiar flavors – including coffee, vanilla, chocolate, and banana.

hot drinks
Enjoy one of our many hot drinks with your dessert!

The Perfect Pair: Warming Up with Hot Beverages and Gelato Treats

After a long day of winter fun in Breckenridge, nothing beats cozying up to a fire in your Colorado lodging house and enjoying a steaming cup of hot cocoa. If you want something to balance out the cool sensation of gelato, I Scream Gelato has an extensive menu of hot beverages, including:

  • Americano
  • Espresso
  • Cappuccino
  • Latte
  • Chai Latte
  • Mocha
  • Hot Teas

local favorite for several years, I Scream Gelato is the ideal place to enjoy a sweet treat. Another lesser-known difference between gelato and ice cream is the temperature at which each is served. Ice cream is actually served at a much lower temperature, which is why you can often see servers struggling to get you a scoop of rum raisin or mocha ice cream.

Gelato is always served at a slightly warmer temperature than traditional ice cream, around 10 to 15 degrees warmer. Instead of an ice cream scoop, gelato is served with a spade. If you have never sampled gelato, one of the first things you will definitely notice is that it is not as cold as ice cream. You also won’t be at as much risk for the dreaded brain freeze if you choose gelato over ice cream!

doordash i scream gelato
Order your treat on Doordash or Warrior XPress

The Art of Gelato: Breckenridge’s Sweetest Winter Attraction

Creating gelato is genuinely an art form that has been perfected by the fantastic chefs and artists at I Scream Gelato! We have a menu with over 70 unique flavors out of this world. If you cannot enjoy a scoop, or two or three, of gelato in our store, we also offer various delivery options through Doordash and Warrior XPress.

We also cater events of all sizes, from birthday parties and weddings to gender reveal parties and anniversaries, and we also have vegan gelato and sorbet options.

Frequently Asked Questions:

time of the yearWhat is the Best Time to Visit Breckenridge, CO?

Nothing beats the lights, sounds, and atmosphere of Breckenridge, Colorado, during the holidays. However, if you really don’t care for the snow and cold or aren’t a fan of skiing, you can visit Colorado any time of the year.

Breckenridge is a premier summertime destination, and there are several ways you can spend an afternoon with your family. White water rafting is a popular attraction throughout Colorado. If you want a more cosmopolitan adventure, Denver is very close to Breckenridge.

skiingWhat Are Some Must-See Attractions in Breckenridge?

Whether you visit Breckenridge in the winter, spring, fall, or summer, you will always find something to do. During winter, you can obviously ski; there are several ice skating rinks and places to hike and simply admire the trees!

Many attractions accommodate groups of up to eight people, and you might need to reserve your spot several days or even weeks in advance.

chaletWhat Types of Accommodations are Available in Breckenridge?

Breckenridge is known for being a high-end resort town. However, there are several accommodations at various price points throughout Breckenridge and nearby smaller towns. If you want to avoid staying in a hotel or resort, research which rental company in the area offers on-site rentals short-term and long-term.

Want to save money on your next trip to Breckenridge? There are several simple ways you can save big on the cost of food, airfare, and accommodations. For example, if you contact some of the major airlines directly, such as United Airlines or Delta, and book on their website, you can actually save money.

Traveling during the off-season, or mud season as the locals call it, is another excellent way to keep money in your pocket. The time between when the winter activities end and the summer parties start is a great time to visit Breckenridge because there are fewer tourists, and the hotels and resorts are looking to fill vacant rooms.

Although there aren’t as many festivals or planned attractions, you can still find plenty of things to do during the mud season in Colorado, including stopping in to indulge in a bubble waffle cone filled with gelato at I Scream Gelato!

winter in breckenridgeIs Gelato Available During the Winter Season in Breckenridge?

The enthusiastic answer to this question is, “Yes, of course, you can enjoy a bowl or cone of gelato during the winter months in Breckenridge!” Once again, because gelato is served at a warmer temperature than ice cream, you don’t need to worry about the sweet treat cooling you down while you are walking down the streets of Breckenridge.

Even better, visit I Scream Gelato and warm yourself up with one of our signature hot beverages, which are also served in-store!

gelatoWhat Makes the Gelato in Breckenridge Different From Other Places?

Creating gelato is genuinely an art form. Colorado has several excellent ice cream parlors and gelaterias, but nothing compares to enjoying a bowl of gelato while you are in Breckenridge. The reason? Because of the unique combination of the gelato at I Scream Gelato and the people of this fantastic Colorado town

Whether you are staying overnight, for a week, or are a local, nothing compares to the sites, sounds, and flavors that Breckenridge has to offer. It is easy to find inspiration anywhere you look, and the best complement to the beautiful scenery is an unforgettable scoop of gelato!

gelaterieHow Can I Find the Best Gelato Shops in Breckenridge?

Once again, there are several gelato and ice cream shops spread throughout Breckenridge and Colorado as a whole. However, if you want to enjoy a memorable serving of gelato, look no further than I Scream Gelato. We feature an extensive menu of gelato, add-ons, syrups, and toppings that are sure to please even the fussiest palate.

Located at 105 S. Main Street in Breckenridge, Colorado, I Scream Gelato is an established gelateria that has been proudly serving up handcrafted gelato for several years. In addition to our premier location in Breckenridge, you can enjoy I Scream Gelato in one of our fabulous gelato shops in DenverFrisco, CO, and Miami, FL!

festivalsAre There Any Unique Festivals or Events in Breckenridge?

In addition to the strange, unique, and just plain quirky festivals and events listed above, you can explore several other events while visiting Breckenridge and nearby Denver. Here is a handful of the most memorable:

International Snow Sculpture Championships. Each year, the town hosts a snow sculpture contest that draws in thousands of on-lookers. Snow artists from across the globe come to compete. You will definitely have a blast touring the sculptures and watching the sculptors in action while they create unique pieces of art.

Oktoberfest. Several small towns and major metropolitan areas celebrate Oktoberfest – but none of them are like the Oktoberfest in Breckenridge. Each September, the town of Breckenridge celebrates German heritage through exhibits, parties, and plenty of beer!

Breckenridge Film Festival. For a more sophisticated experience, you can enjoy the Breckenridge Film Festival. The festival showcases some lesser-known filmmakers from the Colorado area. If you have kids, don’t worry because there are several activities for your little ones to enjoy while you catch a never-before-screened movie.

Breckenridge Wine Classic. Nothing compares to enjoying drinks while gazing at the Rocky Mountains. During the Breckenridge Wine Classic, you can do just that! The three-day festival features wine tasting, wine-making seminars, and several other events that are sure to please any oenophile.


I Scream Gelato Breckenridge Recent Reviews

persona kathy wThe Best Gelato I’ve Ever Tasted!

“I can’t say enough nice things about the people and products at I Scream Gelato. Their coffee gelato is the best I’ve ever tasted. Their staff is amazing too!” – Kathy W.

persona amy mA One-of-a-Kind Experience!

“Nothing compares to the gelato at I Scream Gelato. I have tried store-bought gelato in the past, but nothing compares to handcrafted gelato. I am definitely recommending this shop to all my friends.” – Amy M.

persona elizabeth kYour Kids Will Love I Scream Gelato!

“My kids have always asked for ice cream, but I prefer gelato. I took them to I Scream Gelato, and they are definitely converted. Great store, great people, and great selection.” – Elizabeth K.

persona elizabeth mAmazing People and Amazing Gelato!

“If you are ever near an I Scream Gelato, do yourself a favor and sample as many flavors as you can. I also love that they sell iced drinks too. A wonderful place to visit, and I will definitely be stopping in again.” – Michelle M.

persona josh jI Guarantee You Will Love Gelato More Than Ice Cream After This!

“One trip to I Scream Gelato, and I guarantee you will never want ice cream again. The wait time was low, the prices were very competitive, and the staff was extremely friendly. I highly recommend I Scream Gelato to all my friends and family.” – Josh J.

persona jason rA Great Atmosphere and Great Gelato!

“After dinner with the kids or my spouse, we always finish the night with a trip to I Scream Gelato. It has become our family’s tradition, and I order Oreo gelato every time I visit. The staff is great, and the handcrafted gelato is always fresh and wonderful.” – Jason R.

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