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Gelato in Breckenridge Winter: Why It’s a Year-Round Delight

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Nothing compares to a cool cup of gelato on a hot summer’s day. However, if you mistakenly believe that gelato is a sweet treat that should only be enjoyed in the summer months – you are missing out! The amazing texture and creamy, cool goodness of gelato is something you can enjoy all year long – from a crisp spring morning to a spooky fall afternoon or as an after-dinner treat during Christmas time.

At I Scream Gelato in Breckenridge, CO, we want everyone visiting Breckenridge to enjoy our unique flavors of gelato all year long! When someone asks what Breckenridge is known for, it is our goal that the answer will be gelato!

backdrop of breckenridge co
Breckenridge is a picturesque town nestled deep in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado

Breckenridge: A Winter Wonderland Beyond Skiing

The town of Breckenridge was founded in 1859 during the gold rush that swept through the Western United States. Miners would pan the Blue River before heading back to the comforts of a growing Breckenridge.

Over the years, Breckenridge has grown from a simple gold mining town to a premiere ski resort destination in Colorado. However, if you think that the town’s rich history and skiing are all Breckenridge has to offer, be prepared to marvel at the diverse array of indoor and outdoor activities:

  • Tour Breckenridge’s historic buildings. After the epic discovery of gold in the 19th century, Breckenridge grew very quickly into a boom town. Several historic buildings are still standing in town, including the Pollock House on the historic main street. While you are touring Main Street, don’t forget to step into the fantastic boutiques, art galleries, and family-owned coffee shops.
  • Visit the Edwin Carter Discovery Center. Edwin Carter was an environmentalist and taxidermist who built a modest cabin in Breckenridge during the late 19th century. Today, the cabin is a historic center filled with artifacts from Colorado’s gold rush.
  • Skip the slopes and check out the International Snow Sculpture Championships. Thousands of people descend on Breckenridge every January to participate in and enjoy the International Snow Sculpture Championship. In addition to the competition, there are several other family-friendly activities to enjoy.

Of course, no walking tours of historic downtown Breckenridge or visiting any of the fantastic sites throughout the town would be complete without a scoop of gelato! Come check out all the flavors of gelato we have at I Scream Gelato! Whether you want to sample your favorite gelato flavors or concoct a new and unique combination of flavors, your entire family will have a blast enjoying gelato and touring Breckenridge.

hot chocolate
Hot chocolate is a treat that can be enjoyed year round but is especially loved during those cold winter months

Hot Chocolate and Gelato: The Perfect Pairing in the Cold

After a day of skiing, snowboarding, and snow tubing, nothing compares to a rich, smooth cup of hot chocolate, complete with delicious whipped cream and marshmallows! Hot chocolate will warm your bones, but you haven’t experienced the true depth of flavor unless you pair hot chocolate with a complimentary scoop of gelato.

The contrasting feel of hot chocolate and cool, crisp gelato is an experience that cannot be missed. Luckily, you don’t need to search the city for the best of both treats. Instead, stop into I Scream Gelato for some gelato and hot cocoa, or if you prefer a kick of caffeine, gelato, and coffee!

I scream gelato
Stop into our I Scream Gelato outlet, just off E Lowry!

The Rocky Mountains: A Backdrop for Delicious Adventures

Thousands of outdoor enthusiasts visit the Rocky Mountains not only to take in the natural beauty of the area but also to enjoy everything the Breckenridge and Denver areas have to offer – including easy access to bike trails, hiking trails, and ski resorts. While exploring the Front Range of the Rockies, make sure to stop into I Scream Gelato Lowry to end the perfect day of outdoor fun with a cool, creamy scoop of gelato.

Want to enjoy gelato in a new and exciting way? Stop in at I Scream Gelato and sample a spade of chocolate, vanilla, lemon, or coffee gelato inside fluffy bubble waffle cones. A bubble cone is a sweet, unique combination of a waffle cone and a traditional waffle. This popular street food provides the perfect vessel to enjoy a creamy scoop of gelato!

gelato thickness
Our gelato is freshly made and carefully prepared to ensure you enjoy that full flavoured experience!

Ice Cream Shop Hopping in a Snowy Mountain Town

You’ve landed safely at the Denver International Airport and have survived the two-hour drive from the airport to Breckenridge. After checking into one of the premier vacation rentals in the city, you are ready to enjoy a sweet treat before hitting the slopes. You won’t have trouble finding a quality ice cream shop in Breckenridge because it is one of the busiest ski resort destinations in all of Colorado!

Whether you are in Breckenridge to enjoy some winter fun or prefer visiting this beautiful town during the summer, there is never a season or vacation that couldn’t be made better with gelato! At I Scream Gelato, we only use high-quality ingredients and prepare each batch of gelato individually to ensure they are perfect!

follow the gelato
After a session on the piste, follow the gelato!

Embracing the Ski Season with a Scoop in Hand

The ski season in Summit County starts in mid-November and ends in April. This means you have almost six months of skiing, snow tubing, and snowboarding! Visiting Breckenridge during the peak ski season and winter months can be tricky, especially when finding a vacation rental, hotel, or affordable parking options. However, while dealing with the stress of the crowds, relax and enjoy a sweet, old-fashioned treat – like a scoop of gelato!

Breckenridge ski resort
A hop in one of Breckenridge’s cable cars and you will see how sprawling this 2900 acre range truly is

Breckenridge Ski Resort: Where Slopes Meet Ice Cream Shops

Breckenridge boasts an impressive nine ski resorts and over 2,908 acres of skiable mountains. The highest skiable elevation in “Breck” is 12,998 feet – and this high elevation is why the town’s ski resorts are able to stay open longer than other nearby areas, including Vail and Winter Park. However, don’t worry if you are a first-time skier or want to teach your kids how to ski; there are mountains and hills for all skill levels!

It would take you days to explore all the skiable acreage of Breckenridge, and there is no denying that after a long day on the slopes, nothing compares to a cool, creamy bowl of gelato! If you don’t have time to sit down and enjoy a cup or cone of gelato in your beautiful boutique, we offer gelato to go. You can pick up the gelato and head to the next resort or have a pint or two of gelato delivered to your hotel room or rental.

Breckenridge Nordic center
The Breckenridge Nordic Center is a beautiful spot to warm up after a day on the slopes or a great starting point before heading out

Cross Country Skiing at Breckenridge Nordic Center

Located on Grand View Drive and located on Peak Eight of the Colorado Rockies is the perfect place for a laid-back day of cross-country skiing: The Breckenridge Nordic Center. The Nordic Center has several acres of cross-country and downhill skiing trails to choose from. If this is your first time skiing, you can rent equipment in the chalet, which is incidentally the perfect place to warm yourself by the fireplace before heading out onto the slopes.

White River National Forest
The White River National Forest is a prime example of just how beautiful Colorado can be

White River National Forest: Nature’s Beauty and Gelato Goodness

You’ve enjoyed your time exploring Breckenridge but want to see what the rest of Colorado has to offer. Located about one-and-a-half hours outside Breckenridge, you will come across the White River National Forest, which is in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. The forest encompasses over 2.3 million acres of land and features 11 ski resorts and eight wilderness areas.

If you are lucky enough to visit the White River National Forest in the summer, make it a point to check out Hanging Lake, the Maroon Bells Scenic Area, and Sweetwater Lake, which is one of the biggest natural lakes in Colorado. Whether you enjoy skiing in winter or taking a dip in the lake during the hot summer months, no trip to this beautiful national forest would be complete without ending your day with some good food and a bowl of gelato for dessert!

There’s a lot more to see and do in Breckenridge besides the winter activities

Beyond the Slopes: Breckenridge’s Year-Round Attractions

When you hear the name “Breckenridge,” your first thought is probably how much you would love to strap on some new skis and hit the slopes! However, if you only ski or snowboard in Breckenridge, you are missing out on all the other seasonal attractions throughout the area! From vintage trains in the summer or a trip to Carter Park in the fall, Breckenridge is a year-round premier family destination.

burro trail
Treks along the Burro Trail will definitely help build up an appetite….someone say “gelato”?

Hiking Trails: From Mountain Peaks to Gelato Breckenridge Stops

There are dozens of top-notch hiking trails throughout Breckenridge, and each is more picturesque than the next. If you are visiting Breckenridge during the warmer months and need to burn a few calories after a heavy meal, here are a few of the best hiking trails in the area:

  • The Iowa Hill Loop. The Iowa Hill Loop features the perfect combination of historical sites and breathtaking scenery. The shorter trails feature several relics highlighting the mining history of Breckenridge, including old machinery and an intact boarding house.
  • Burro Trail. Located off Peak Nine is a smaller series of trails called the Burro Trail. If you cannot devote your entire afternoon to hiking, the Burro Trail is ideal because it has several shorter trails that only take a few minutes to complete. However, don’t assume that because the trails are short, you won’t get a proper workout!
  • Boreas Pass Road. Hiking groomed trails with other tourists might be a fun family trip – but you want to experience something a little more rugged! The dirt road leading to Boreas Pass Road can be tricky to handle – especially during the spring when the path is wet and muddy. Boread Pass Road is best visited during the fall during peak leaf-peeping season!

All the well-known hiking trails can get pretty busy depending on the time of year! This is why once you are done braving the crowds and sweating it out on the trails, you must treat yourself with a scoop from I Scream Gelato, the best Breckenridge gelato shop for kids and adults of all ages!

mountain biking
If you love mountain biking as much as we do, you’ll love what Breckenridge has to offer

Mountain Biking and Mid-Ride Ice Cream Sandwich Breaks

Many people think that skiing is the ultimate thrill you can experience in Breckenridge – but those same people are sorely mistaken! If you want to burn calories while enjoying a one-of-a-kind adrenaline rush, put your skis or snowboard down in favor of a mountain bike. Breckenridge is one of the top destinations for mountain bikers in Colorado and the Western United States.

After you’re done sweating it out on the trails, you need the ideal way to cool off that is compact and ready to go! We have two unique versions of a traditional ice cream sandwich: A gelato cookie sandwich and a gelato brioche sandwich. We have many delicious flavors of gelato to choose from, and each can be made into a fun and unique twist on an ice cream sandwich. The ice cream sandwiches can be enjoyed in our gelateria or are a perfect way to enjoy gelato at the picnic tables on the mountain biking trails.

dog sledding
Many an adventure can be found with a few good dogs and a sled!

Dog Sledding: A Unique Ride with a Gelato Finish

Many mistakenly believe dog sledding is a competitive sport or only an activity you can enjoy in Canada or Alaska. Get ready to be pleasantly surprised because Breckenridge is a premiere destination for dog sledding tours. Preparing for your dog sledding adventure is key, so here are a few ways you can get ready to enjoy a winter’s afternoon on the sledding course:

  • Dress appropriately. Wear the same appeal you would wear for a day on the ski slopes – including boots, a jacket, bibs, a hat, and mittens.
  • Know what to expect. Some tours allow you to run the sled and work with the Huskies. You might solely ride at the back of the dog line on a different tour. Make sure you understand the exact route and what your role will be during the ride.
  • Warm up with reservations at your favorite Breckenridge restaurant. Nothing beats enjoying a fine dining experience after spending the day riding behind sled dogs. Make your reservations early, especially during the height of winter, because seats fill up fast at the most popular eateries throughout the city.

Of course, no day dog sledding would be complete without enjoying a scoop of gelato. Your kids will love the several flavors and toppings at I Scream Gelato. You will love that gelato is much healthier and has fewer fat and calories compared to other frozen treats, including ice cream. Gelato and kids are the perfect combination.

ice skating
Breckenridge offers ice skating experiences for the family all year round

Ice Skating: Twirls, Jumps, and Creamy Delights

Breckenridge, CO, is one of the most family-friendly vacation destinations throughout Colorado – especially if your kids love to ice skate. The city boasts several indoor and outdoor skating rinks, including the Breckenridge Ice Rink, Stephen C. West Ice Arena, the Schussbaumer Ski Club, and the Dobson Ice Arena.

You can head over to I Scream Gelato for a frozen treat once your kids are worn out from twirling, jumping, and hopefully not too many falls and scrapes. If you want to warm up with the best coffee nearby, which just happens to be at I Scream Gelato at both the Breckenridge and Frisco, CO, locations!

I scream gelato breckenridge
Clearly the centrepiece of every visit to Breckenridge should be I Scream Gelato!

The Heart of Breckenridge: Downtown Delights and Desserts

Breckenridge is known for its ski resorts, particularly the Five Peaks of the Rocky Mountains, which are found in the city. However, if you are only visiting Colorado for the slopes, you are missing out on everything downtown Breckenridge offers.

main stMain Street Magic: Where History Meets I Scream Gelato

Breckenridge was founded over a century ago, and since then, the cityscape has changed dramatically. However, when you step into downtown Breckenridge, you feel like you are going back in time to a quaint, Victorian-era village.

The downtown area is comprised of 12 city blocks, including High, Washington, Wellington Road, and Main Street. There are roughly 250 structures in downtown Breckenridge on the National Register of Historic Places. When you are in Breckenridge, make sure to stop in at I Scream Gelato for some gelato and pancakes, which are a perfect combination for any occasion!

gelato in coneVisiting Breckenridge: A Guide to Sweet Spots and Scenic Views

If you have a sweet tooth, you will be delighted at the combination of candy shops, ice cream parlors, and other confectionary restaurants the downtown area has to offer. You can start your day by visiting a historic cookie shop before heading to a candy store or a boutique-style sweet shop. Of course, no sugar-charged walking tour of Breckenridge would be complete without a stop at I Scream Gelato!

cultureDowntown Breckenridge: A Hub of Culture and Culinary Wonders

Breckenridge isn’t only about enjoying outdoor activities. It is also a town steeped in culture and fine dining. No matter what your personal preferences are, you will find a restaurant that will delight your palate -from five-star eateries to roadside diners! After dinner, check out some of the cultural wonders throughout the area – including the Heritage Alliance, the National Repertory Orchestra, and the Breckenridge Backstage Theater.

fererro rocher
Taste bud delights such as Ferrero Rocher gelato can be enjoyed as easily in the winter as in the summer….actually we believe more so!

Gelato: Breckenridge’s Year-Round Sweet Treat

You are missing out if you mistakenly believe that gelato is a treat reserved for the hot summer months! Gelato is a unique treat that can be enjoyed no matter what the season or temperature. Whether you are snowboarding in winter, enjoying the fresh fields of flowers in spring, letting your kids run through a fun park in summer, or enjoying the vibrant colors of fall, it’s never a bad time to enjoy gelato.

winterWhy Your Taste Buds Crave Gelato Even in Winter

From a cup of mulled wine with Colorado honey to a warm apple crisp, there are some drinks and desserts you naturally associate with winter. So why are you craving gelato, a frozen confection, during the coldest months of the year? The simple answer is that gelato is delicious and pairs beautifully with a hot beverage, from a cup of coffee to a mug of hot cocoa.

Affogato, which means “drowned” in Italian, is a specialty dessert you will never forget and is a combination of vanilla gelato topped with a cup of piping hot espresso.

gelato servedSweet Treats: From Traditional Flavors to Mountain-Inspired Creations

The beautiful thing about gelato is that it is not only delicious; there are several different flavors that are sure to please even the most sophisticated palate. Traditional flavors of gelato include chocolate, stracciatella (which is vanilla with crunchy chocolate chunks), vanilla, hazelnut, lemon, and pistachio. If you are feeling more adventurous, you can try some of the more unique gelato flavors, including candy bar, cotton candy, and mint chocolate chips!

faq gelato
Answering some of your gelato related questions? If you have any more, let us know!

People Also Ask Before Visiting Breck

ice creamCan you eat gelato in winter?

The answer to this question is, “Of course!” There are even seasonal gelato flavors that pair perfectly with a steaming cup of hot coffee or cocoa and should actually be enjoyed during the winter months! Don’t be surprised when gelato becomes your preferred treat in winter.

winter 2Why do people eat ice cream when it’s cold?

There are several reasons why you might prefer visiting your favorite ice cream shop or gelateria during the winter. For one thing, there is less demand, meaning the lines are shorter. If you prefer eating store-bought ice cream, chances are you will find a great deal, as this is not the peak season for ice cream. The cooler conditions also mean that your ice cream or gelato won’t melt as quickly, meaning you can savor this frozen treat or even enjoy an extra scoop!

summerDoes ice cream sell more in winter or summer?

In most cases, ice cream and gelato sell better in summer than in winter. Most grocery stores, ice cream shops, and gelaterias will sell almost twice as much of their product in summer than in winter. Of course, this is simply because most associate both ice cream and gealto with summer because it is a cool, refreshing treat. This doesn’t mean you need to strictly enjoy either or both at any time of the year.

tasteDoes eating ice cream in the winter make you warmer?

Although it might seem counterintuitive, eating cold treats in winter actually makes you feel warmer. You will initially feel a chill as the cold gelato or ice cream enters your mouth and travels through your digestive system. However, as your body produces energy to digest the food, you will begin to feel warmer. So why not do yourself a favor and warm up with a cold cup of gelato?

summerWhat is the best flavor of gelato to serve at Christmas?

Forget sugar cookies, yule logs, or warm apple pie! If you want to delight your family after Christmas dinner, serve them some gelato-to-go from I Scream Gelato! Almost any flavor will be the perfect after-dinner dessert or palate cleanser between courses – from chocolate orange or hazelnut or white chocolate and pecan pie.

I scream gelato breckenridge
Come check us out on 105 S Main St, here in Breckenridge!

I Scream Gelato Breckenridge: A Must-Visit on Every Traveler’s List

There are literally dozens of outdoor activities, indoor cultural experiences, fine-dining restaurants, and one-of-a-kind boutiques. Of course, no visit to Breckenridge would be complete without hitting the slopes, taking a hike, and visiting your new favorite gelateria.

We offer a wide variety of piping hot drinks, desserts, ice drinks, and of course, gelato. If you are a vegan, you can sample our vegan gelato or sorbet. When you visit Breckenridge and type “ice cream in Breckenridge” into your smartphone, make sure to come and visit us!

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