Gelato and Childhood Memories

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Childhood is a magical time filled with weekend slumber parties, summers at the beach, and, of course, all that fantastic food.

Remember the good old days when you could eat whatever you wanted and didn’t have to worry about gaining weight?!

Chances are you remember gathering your spare change and running your local ice cream parlor to enjoy a cone of your favorite flavor.

Why is there such a strong connection between our favorite childhood memories and sweet treats – particularly ice cream and gelatos?

Let our artisans walk with you to enjoy Italian Gelato Flavors: Miami’s Childhood Journey!

ice cream truck
The sound of an ice cream truck arriving on your street is probably a core childhood memory, just like it is for us!

The Familiar Sound of the Beloved Ice Cream Truck: How Flavors and Tastes Impact Your Memories

The joy that you felt when the ice cream truck visited your neighborhood on a hot summer day cannot be matched – but why is it that so many adults equate their fondest memories with tastes and flavors?

Scientists have done a lot of research about the link between taste and memories and have discovered that the same area of the brain that is responsible for recognizing flavor is also able to associate those experiences with a particular time.

Basically, this means that when you smell or enjoy an old favorite or new flavors, you will link that experience with the event.

Children will forever combine and experience the flavor or the smells of a favorite food or beverage.

If you want to start creating memories and enjoy laughter and sweetness with your kids, stop by our gelato memories hub to enjoy the texture and flavor of our sweet treats!

vanilla ice cream childhood winter memories
Whoever said vanilla is a plain flavor doesn’t appreciate it’s sweetness and compatibility with any other flavors!

The Nostalgia of Winter Ski Vacation Vanilla Ice Cream

Were you and your family lucky enough to enjoy ski vacations in winter?

Chances are you not only remember your time on the slopes – You also remember the bite of a cold of an ice cream cone.

As a child, you always looked forward to enjoying this cool treat, even if the temperatures outside were frigid.

Want to experience this again?

Here is a great idea: Why wait for the winter and instead have some fun now and act like a kid again with a cool treat straight out of your freezer?

You won’t be able to resist Miami’s gelato wonderland, so why not stop into our world-renowned shop and try a spade of maple syrup, chocolate, or another one of your favorites?!

chocolate ice cream summer childhood memories
Who doesn’t enjoy chocolate ice cream? And what better time than summer to bring out those sweet childhood memories!

The Sweet Smell of Chocolate in Summer

Were you always a sucker for chocolate? You are not alone!

For many kids, the moment school ended, they were out with their friends running down the street chasing an ice cream truck or stopping into their favorite shop for an ice cream cone.

Nothing compares to the sweet scent of chocolate, and chances are, happiness was sitting on a park bench or at the family dinner table, finally enjoying the undisputed best flavor for summer: Chocolate ice cream!

gelato nostalgia feelings
The sweetness and carefree indulgence of gelato can harken back to your childhood days

Eating Gelato With Friends All Summer Long: Why Are Some Foods Nostalgic?

Some foods deserve to be eaten and enjoyed with your best friends and family.

Why is it that, when it comes to enjoying gelato’s beachy Miami adventure, some flavors remind you of a simpler time?

Once again, there is a scientific correlation between memory and taste – but for you, it goes beyond mere science!

Some of the best times in your life are wrapped up with your favorite foods and desserts, so why not take a walk down memory lane and visit your favorite ice cream or gelato store to sample some of Miami’s festive gelato treats?!

family gelato funMaking New Memories With Your Kids: Try These Sweet and Unforgettable Flavors

Think back to the last time you walked into a restaurant or store to enjoy a sweet treat with your parents.

It was a magical night, and you want to create the same types of memories with your kids.

This doesn’t happen all alone – You need to find the perfect spot to enjoy Miami’s vegan gelato delights!

Stop in, and you will discover that our sweet, icy confection is more than simply the perfect combination of milk, sugar, and egg yolks!

Our product is special, and if you need more ideas on how to make your visit memorable, we can help you concoct your own flavor combinations that your kids will remember for years to come!

Are you stuck in the hotel – No problem!

We can help you enjoy gelato delivered: Miami’s sweetest memories!

father son gelato
Bring out your inner child with our range of gelato sweet treats!

Have You Heard? I Scream Gelato Is the Best Year-Round Spot to Indulge In Your Childhood Favorites

Across the country, gelato is becoming more and more popular – and for several good reasons.

To understand why this sweet treat is so popular, you need to know why it is different, and in many ways superior, to ice cream.

The custard base of gelato and ice cream are very similar; the most significant difference is that ice cream is made with heavy cream, while our product is made with milk, or in the case of vegan products, coconut, oat, rice, or another milk substitute.

Ice cream is churned at a very rapid speed, which is why it is so light and airy.

Our handcrafted product is churned very slowly, and you will taste the difference immediately.

Whether you prefer more traditional tastes, including chocolate, vanilla, lemon, and pistachio, or love something a little more adventurous, like cotton candy or even Snickers, we are guaranteed to have a flavor that will make your inner child very happy!

gelato in coneSlide Up to the Counter and Enjoy a Scoop of Your Favorite Gelatos

Your childhood is calling, and if you are ready to hear it and take a step back in time, we are ready to indulge you with your favorite flavors of icy cold treats.

In addition to gelatos, we specialize in several other adult treats, including hot coffee and other drinks.

Want to try your favorites in a whole new way? Pair a spade with Belgian waffles, a stack of pancakes, or inside a brioche sandwich.

gelato servedSorbet: A Fun Dairy-Free Alternative

Are you embroiled in the age-old dilemma of Gelato vs Sorbet: Miami’s Childhood Favorites?

If you have always preferred the icy texture of our product and are lactose intolerant or have dietary restrictions, take note because we offer several sorbet flavors!

Sorbet is an excellent alternative to ice cream because the custard base does not contain any egg, milk, or other dairy products.

ice cream gelato miami
At a glance, they almost seem indistinguishable. But gelato will always reign supreme thanks to it’s natural flavors and lighter ingredients!

Can’t Imagine Eating More Ice Cream? Why Our Product is a Guilt-Free Way to Enjoy Frozen Treats

Now for the ultimate showdown – Miami’s Gelato vs Ice Cream Debate!

Companies have been pitting these two sweet frozen desserts against each other for decades.

Now that you are an adult and are more health conscious, you cannot indulge yourself in the high-fat and calorie-rich confections you enjoyed when you were a kid.

Luckily, you don’t have to give up your love of frozen treats – you just need to enjoy different types of gelatos instead.

Once again, because gelatos are traditionally made with milk rather than heavy cream – a staple ingredient in ice cream – there are far fewer calories in gelatos.

A typical serving of vanilla or chocolate gelatos contains approximately 90 calories and around three grams of fat.

This is compared to the same serving of vanilla or chocolate ice cream, which contains 125 calories and seven grams of fat.

gelato miami fl
Come check us out today at Miami Beach and enjoy all that gelato has to offer!

Ready to Relive Your Childhood? Stop In and Enjoy a Cone or Cup at I Scream Gelato!

With several convenient locations across the country and over 70 different flavors to choose from, we are guaranteed to have one of your all-time favorites in our case!

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