Gelato for Christmas: The Best Dessert in Miami Beach

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The holidays have finally arrived, and your friends and family have gathered together to laugh, make memories, and open gifts!

Of course, the best part of your holiday festivities is the food – and you are ready to add a little something special to your otherwise traditional Christmas extravaganza.

If you are growing tired of the same old holiday desserts, from Christmas pudding to gingerbread men or the French classic Buche de Noel – it is time to look to your freezer for inspiration.

Artisan gelato is a one-of-a-kind treat that has been enjoyed around the holidays for centuries – and is the perfect addition to your 2023 traditional Christmas.

Want to learn more about the hype and how to incorporate this creamy frozen confection into your Christmas merriment?

We can help you choose the perfect holiday-inspired flavors for your Christmas or holiday party.

Christmas pudding gelato
Christmas pudding is tasty but turns to concrete in your stomach! Try gelato instead!

Skip the Christmas Pudding: Surprise Your Kids on Christmas Morning With Their Favorite Treat

Do your kids roll their eyes and turn up their noses at your Grandmother’s classic Christmas pudding recipe?

Serving this and the dreaded dry fruitcake is a holiday tradition that most children and many adults would rather skip.

Why not delight every family member – young and old – by serving each a delicious bowl of deep, rich, creamy frozen dessert?

This creamy, decadent frozen dessert also delivers the “wow” factor you have been missing – so don’t be surprised when your kids put their toys and gifts down in favor of another helping of cold, sweet dessert!

peppermint ice cream
Peppermint can be quite a polarising flavor but nothing brings out winter memories quite like the sweet chill of mint!

Peppermint Ice Cream vs Peppermint Gelato: Why Does It Taste Richer than Ice Cream?

Peppermint is synonymous with Christmas and is the perfect cool mix of sugar and sweetness and the ultimate pairing with a cup of hot chocolate.

You want to savor every bite of your favorite store-bought peppermint ice cream – but there is a better option: your new favorite from the frozen treat aisle.

But, ultimately, which is better, gelato or ice cream?

This frozen dessert has a richer, deeper, and bolder taste profile because of how the sweet treat is lovingly made.

The end result is a smoother finished product with a unique texture that melts into the mouth.

Ice cream is made with heavy cream, while your new favorite frozen dessert is manufactured with either a lower fat content milk or whole milk, depending on where you purchase it.

The finest gelato stores handcraft their product in small batches – and you will definitely be able to taste the difference!

christmasThink Beyond Boring Vanilla Ice Cream: Make the Holiday Memorable With Inspiring Flavors

With all the festive flavors available, you should think beyond the boring, basic vanilla ice cream!

Once you eat one of the dozens of flavors available at I Scream Gelato, you will never serve your Grandmother’s prized apple pie or Mom’s favorite pumpkin pie with a scoop of ice cream again.

Instead, add a hint of sophistication by pairing your Christmas dessert with a spade of mascarpone or cream cheese gelato.

Want to really wow your loved ones over the holidays – create a one-of-a-kind brioche sandwich, complete with a smooth, frozen filling!

ice cream cupEnjoy An After Dinner Treat on a Whole New Level: Whip Up a Unique Dessert For Christmas Dinner

Did you know frozen desserts are the perfect ingredient for a unique Christmas dessert?

Simply beat together your favorite flavors of frozen dessert with a boxed cake mix.

Once combined, the simple, two-ingredient dessert will be a quick and easy cake you can whip up in a pinch.

Even your picky inlaws will approve, especially when you get your main ingredient from the best gelato shop in Miami Beach: I Scream Gelato!

gingerbread gelato
Run, run, as fast as you can, nothing says Christmas like gingerbread can!

Gelato and Gingerbread: An Unforgettable Flavor Combination

No impressive Christmas table would be complete with the perfect centerpiece: A gingerbread house covered with royal icing, gum drops, and your kid’s fingerprints!

Want to know an easy way to balance out the intense flavor of gingerbread?

Pair it with a frozen confection!

Make a gingerbread man sandwich with vanilla or chocolate ice cream, or break up chunks of your gingerbread house and sprinkle them over a cup of your favorite flavor.

gelato liquor
Feeling a little naughty? Add some Irish Coffee to your gelato

A Boozy Adult Christmas: Pairing Gelato With Your Favorite Alcohol

Nothing fills you with a sense of heat on the coldest winter day like a glass of your favorite adult beverage.

However, did you know that there are several indulgent ice cream or gelato flavors best eaten with the right pairing of alcohol?

For example, pair Irish cream liquor with a scoop of vanilla.

You will definitely dig a splash of bourbon with a scoop of delicious brown sugar frozen treats.

snowfallTips for Storing Gelato at Home For the Holidays

Your order is placed when you are ready to enjoy a scoop of your favorite gelato flavors after shopping in crowded stores.

Proper preparation is key, so make sure you store the tub in the back of your freezer, where the temperature is more constant.

Put the cover on tight, and let the frozen treat sit at room temperature before you serve it.

Gelato’s flavor is even bolder when it is served slightly warm!

gelato flavors
Donuts, s’mores, and gingerbread…the only limits to Christmas gelato flavors are what your imagination allows!

What are the Christmas Flavors of Gelato?

Several festive flavors are perfect for the holiday season – and all year long.

Indulge in a bowl or cone of your favorite candy-inspired treat – including KitKat, Snickers, or Reese’s.

Your kids will love smores, butter pecan, or a small cool dessert inspired by a holiday dessert favorite – pecan pie!

Just don’t forget the toppings, including caramel, fudge, or chocolate chips.

Christmas santa clausA 2023 December You Won’t Forget: Cater Your Christmas Party With I Scream Gelato!

Are you in charge of organizing this year’s corporate Christmas party, and do you want to make the event unforgettable?

Instead of planning the same old boring party no one wants to attend, turn your event from mandatory to the hottest party in town – with a bit of help from us!

In addition to catering corporate events, we can also cater your wedding, anniversary, baby shower, or birthday party.

gelato winter holidays Christmas
Gelato is a perfect pick-me-up for those chilly months

Frozen Desserts Aren’t Just for Summer Anymore: Why Gelato is the Ideal Holiday Season Treat

Christmas is about traditions – but you want to start some new traditions with your own children.

Why not skip the heavy post-dinner dessert in favor of a bowl of cool, refreshing frozen treats?

With an unending number of flavors – even vegan gelato for your family’s vegetarian or health-conscious members – you are guaranteed to find a flavor to please even the pickiest family member.

gelatoWhich Frozen Treat is the Best Option for Your Holiday Party

Now that you’ve been educated about the superiority of gelato over ice cream, it is time to shove another contender into the ring: sorbet.

When you are considering whether to serve gelato or sorbet, it is important to understand the advantages of both these desserts.

Both are lower in fat and calories than ice cream, but because sorbet doesn’t contain milk or cream, it is an excellent option for your dairy-free friends and family.

Want to find out for yourself – stop in to sample our vegan sorbet!

I scream gelato
Stop into our I Scream Gelato outlet today

Stop In Today to Sample Our Holiday-Inspired Flavors

Are you already pre-planning your holiday party and want to wow the guests – come down to our Miami Beach ice cream shop to sample everything in that case – you will be glad you did!

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