Is Frisco, Colorado, Worth Visiting?

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Exploring Downtown Frisco, A Quaint Mountain Town

Take H70 West, about 60 miles from Denver, and you will end up at Exit 9 – the entrance to a lovely little mountain town in Summit County – Frisco, Colorado.

With the Tenmile mountain range sitting as an ethereal backdrop, pulling off into the area of Copper Mountain, vacation rentals, and local residents – you are greeted with a warm welcome, even if arriving during the snowy season!

We all need a little bit of a break now and again, and heading West into the Rocky Mountains is healing for the soul and soothing for the mind.

Downtown Frisco, CO, has quaint mom-and-pop retail shops, coffee bars, restaurants, and even gelaterias!

With so many things to choose from, covering everything in one stay is impossible, but a few significant landmarks stick out.

The town has its personality, one that is both welcoming and kind – with that, you can unearth the charm of Frisco, Colorado, and discover why it’s a must-visit destination.

Lake Dillon is a hub for holidaymakers all year round

Lake Dillon is Inviting You In

Suppose you are headed in from out of state. In that case, you may not be familiar with the area, and heading into Summit County shortly before arriving in Frisco, CO, you will be greeted by the magical Lake Dillon, also called the Dillon Reservoir.

If you take this trip during the on-season – Winter sports season – you will likely still see people gathered around the Lake Dillon Reservoir, spending time with your closest friends, family, and other loved ones. 

Winter alpine fishing adventures are all the rage as the region is known for its trout, ice fishing, snowshoeing trails nearby, ice skating, nordic skiing, etc.

Dillon, CO, is just a short drive from Denver International Airport and approximately 10 to 15 minutes from the world-famous – Frisco, Colorado. Getting there is a part of the journey; making the drive builds up the excitement!

Once the temperatures rise, melting the snow and ice from the mountain tops, Lake Dillon Reservoir thaws out, and the fun heats up.

If you choose to visit during the off-season and land at the Dillon Reservoir, take part in paddle boarding in the early morning, rent pontoon boats, or simply enjoy the view – take it all in because just down the street, Downtown Frisco is waiting on you!

Let the Rocky Mountains Sweep You Off Your Feet

When you visit Frisco, CO, an endless adventure is in store for you and your family.

Still, you choose that adventure, and any route you take leads back to the Colorado Rockies – whether you are searching for a little extra rest and a whole lot of relaxation, you are hoping to spend quality time with your family and friends, or you are eager to hit the ski resorts, Copper Mountain, and the Frisco adventure park for an adrenaline rush.

At the end of the day, Main Street beckons you with delicious food, shopping, experiences, and much more! When you have many different things to do, every day is yours to seize!

copper mountain
If you’ve come to ski or snowboard, then Copper Mountain is for you

Copper Mountain is Waiting on You

Mountain towns are mysterious and magical, but Frisco, Colorado, seems to take the cake in the grand scheme of those places.

It is a relatively small place, with a tight-knit Copper Mountain easily accessible for a sleigh ride during the holiday season, cross-country skiing and snowboarding – or ski lessons if you are just starting out and the option of snow tubing, and even dog sledding if you would instead go for a ride!

There is something for everyone, at every stage of their lives and any point in their mental state.

Take a Load Off and Enjoy the Outdoor Adventures That Await

Frisco, Colorado, is a charming town in the Rocky Mountain range, offering complete peace, comfort, and security for visitors and residents alike.

The historic town is deeply rooted, and while the air feels thinner the higher you rise in altitude – the environment is meant to wrap you up and hold you in a state of complete and utter happiness, which is contagious to everyone around you and then continuously extended into every aspect of your life.

Ready to explore? Here’s the ultimate guide for curious travelers eager to discover the best of Frisco, CO.

frisco in winter
Frisco is a holiday paradise, both in summer and winter!

chaletFrisco, Colorado – A Quest & Endless Mountain Range

With world-renowned ski resorts and Copper Mountain nearby, taking advantage of the great outdoors is a given when visiting Frisco, Colorado.

The escapades are endless on the mountain; you can dip in Lake Dillon Reservoir on your way up.

Stop off in the Frisco historic park, and end your day on the ski trails down at Main Street Frisco.

Enjoy dinner and dessert at I Scream Gelato – with a nice scoop of fresh Stracciatella Italian gelato in a bubble waffle cone nonetheless.

The innovative cuisine that exists there is also boundless, and when you are on vacation, it is the perfect time to try something new!

Frisco Adventure Park – for year-round fun.
Grown-up’s and kids of all ages will have a great time at Frisco Adventure Park

The Famous Frisco Adventure Park

During the Spring and Summer months, visitors tend to enjoy the Peninsula Recreation area, playing frisbee golf and staying active by exploring the hiking trails and mountain biking – but nothing quite compares to the famed Frisco adventure park.

The Frisco Adventure Park is great for kids, adults, and grown-ups who feel like children of all ages are welcome, and there are plenty of options for exploration.

The Frisco Adventure Park offers the following modes of fun:

  • A skate park & bike park are open during the Spring and Summer months. Take dirt jumps, the dual slalom course, and try the pump track!
  • A plethora of biking and hiking trails allow visitors and residents to enjoy crisp mountain air and a bit of physical activity while they are at it.
  • Play at the disc golf course open all Summer, providing a total of 27 holes.
  • An epic snow tubing hill and even a ski hill are available for beginners learning the ropes within the adventure park!
frisco marina
Frisco Marina Ofers boat rentals, kayaking, paddle boarding, and plenty of water-based action

Experience the Frisco Bay Marina

If you like Lake Dillon, you will adore the Frisco Bay Marina – open to the public throughout the Spring, Summer, and even partially into Fall.

The Frisco Bay Marina is the ideal body of water for water sports, offering boat rentals, pontoon rentals, and a place for kayaks, canoes, paddle boarding, and fishing!

The bay has a beach area with dining and retail shops available alongside another historic park – Marina Park – a place for children to play on the playground, run around, and get their energy out if they aren’t exhausted from the fun they have been having.

The Frisco Nordic Center serves as a hub for skate-skiing, classic cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing enthusiasts

Get to Know the Frisco Nordic Center

Just South of the main street in Frisco, Colorado, is the hub for all Winter athletics – the Frisco Nordic Center.

The Frisco Nordic Center is the place to be if you are itching to get up on the mountain and experience cross-country skiing, snowboarding, skate-skiing, and snowshoeing.

Amongst the mountainous environment, the Nordic Center offers rental on all gear, lessons to newcomers, ski passes, and a safety clinic to ensure everyone headed up the hill makes it back down safely!

white river national forest
The White River National Forest contains activities including fishing, camping, hiking, and of course, skiing!

The Wonders of White River National Forest in Summit County

When stopping off in Frisco, Colorado, experiencing the Rockies is necessary.

White River National Forest is nestled and extends from the Frisco area to Leadville, Aspen, Carbondale, and beyond.

The massive forest land gives way for those seeking an epic adventure as there is a lot of ground to cover and no one way to do it!

White River National Forest is home to over eleven ski resorts, providing ten peaks for travelers and sightseers – if you are passing through, then try one of the following activities:

  • Check out Gore and the Tenmile Mountain range while you are in Frisco, CO!
  • There are over 2,500 trails to choose from and about 2,000 miles of forest to explore in the area.
  • Hiking trails, biking, trail running, and even geocaching are typical activities in White River.
  • Camping and fishing permits are available, and there is access to dispersed camping throughout the forest, but be sure to check the fire regulations beforehand!
With up to eight ski resorts in the area, Frisco has everything to offer for snow-based adrenaline junkies!

skiingCross Country Skiing, Snowboarding, and Snowshoe Trails Are Ever Present in the Colorado Rockies

Winter sports are the creme of the crop; what Frisco, Colorado is known for as the surrounding mountains are the backdrop and heartbeat of the environment, but there are so many other things to do.

Take a horse-drawn sleigh ride, play disc golf, head to the skate park at the Frisco bike park, or check out the alpine fishing adventures at the Frisco Marina!

You can access anything you want to do at your fingertips, and Mother Nature is at the front and center of everything.

activities in frisco
Frisco’s natural beauty allows for skiing, snowboarding, and hiking!

Outdoor Activities are Endless in Frisco, Colorado

People come to Frisco, Colorado, to get a taste of the outdoors, to enjoy the mountain air, and to be active – even while on vacation or taking a little downtime.

The mountains are Colorado’s playground, and if you visit from out of town, you will become well acquainted with the healing properties places like this can have.

Access to World Class Ski Resorts While Visiting Frisco

Frisco, CO, offers total access to some of the best skiing in the world, having Copper Mountain around the corner, the Nordic center for gear and lessons – you can enjoy all day, every day, on the slopes living large.

If you aren’t into extreme sports, you can always enjoy the leisure of tubing, sleigh rides, the beloved alpine coaster, or even wagon rides down the mountains.

frisco hiking trails
Frisco is a go-to spot for hiking lovers

Hiking Trails, Biking Trails, and Alpine Fishing Adventures in the Summertime

Wintertime is not the only season to relish in hills – the Frisco bike park is fun for the whole family; a boat ride fishing on the bay and exploring the hiking trails in the foothills territory opens up a whole new world.

You can find quietness in the city’s noise, excitement, and harmony contrasted by the mountains.

Whether you need some alone time, you are hoping to bond with your partner, or you are gathering with the rest of the family – you will move through your days with a smile on your face in Frisco.

Not sure where to go in Frisco, CO? Dive into our curated list of top spots and hidden gems.

breckenridge co
Breckenridge is another glistening oasis in the deep of the Rockies

Take the Scenic Ride: Frisco is Not Just a Resort Town

Many Coloradans are generally familiar with the drive up to Frisco – passing through the Eisenhower-Johnson Tunnel knowing you are getting close to your destination – and the car ride along with your anticipation is finally coming to an end.

On your way up to town, you pass Dillon, CO, filled with retail outlets, additional outdoor activities, and local restaurants.

Just past Frisco, you will arrive at Breckenridge, another popular destination for skiing, hiking, eating, and drinking! Either place is a fun visit; make a day out of each destination while you are in the area – you certainly won’t regret it.

visit frisco co
A moment in Frisco CO is a moment you will cherish forever!

alpine ski villageFrisco, Colorado, Has a Rich History

Frisco was initially founded as an official town in the Rockies in 1873, but it all began with the Ute people, who provided the majority of Colorado roots.

When white settlers first arrived in the area, they were referred to as the mountain men; along with them came the mining industry and the birth of more modern civilizations in Frisco, which can be seen as both a positive and negative influence at the time.

This eventually led to where Frisco is today; being a dominant ski resort city in Colorado, it leads in many tourists and visitors from all over the country and even the rest of the world.

While the natives did not like those who settled and industrialized the city, the town has attempted to preserve its background and the historical sites that have made the place what it is.

where is frisco
Frisco is small yet packed with activities for all

Magnificent Main Street in Downtown Frisco

Nowadays, Frisco is seen as a glorious town tucked in the Rocky Mountains, and when you are in town, heading downtown to Main Street is entirely unavoidable, and for good reason!

This is where the city comes together for events, celebrations, good eats, treats, and spirits.

Frisco is not a big place, but its charming nature remains inviting to newcomers and those just passing through. When you are headed to the main strip, get ready for more excitement:

  • Summertime means the downtown area is entirely devoted to pedestrians. That is right; the strip is a walk-only zone all Summer long (except for cyclists), so find a good place to eat, sit outside, and keep walking the local boutiques and retail establishments.
  • You can only find this kind of local cuisine in Frisco, from American-style grub to sushi and Italian – you can find it all on Main Street Frisco. You can even locate sweet dessert options with I Scream Gelato Frisco, serving up delicious, authentic Italian-style gelato with a modern twist!
  • Shopping locally is essential to Colorado morals, and while you are in Frisco, check out the stores selling take-home souvenirs, clothing, ski and snowboard gear, and just about anything you can think of.
  • Concerts are thrown in the park almost every Thursday evening, so long as weather permits; you can visit the Frisco Historic Park and the museum to get a little more background information on the town and its history!
national mining museum
The National Mining Museum is located in nearby Leadville CO

The National Mining Hall & Historic Buildings

Frisco is right smack dab in the middle of history in the making, and while you can often feel things like that as they evolve – you wouldn’t believe how easy it is to get around to places like Leadville for a visit at the National Mining Hall of Fame!

You are also a hop, skip, and jump away from Georgetown, CO, where you can ride the historic loop railway or drive across Guanella Pass.

Experiencing things like this can provide a new perspective on how you view the world around you.

If you are a native of Colorado, a transplant, or a tourist, it doesn’t matter what your personal background is; what matters is immersing yourself in these places because the outcome is more valuable than anything you can monetize!

dining in frisco
Hungry after all that skiing? Come see what culinary treats Frisco has to offer

healthy foodDivine Cuisine & Lodging for Family Fun

All this talk about the mountains, we cannot forget about the food and a warm place to stay while you’re in Frisco, CO!

Food is something we need as a basic necessity, but when you are vacationing, it is there for indulgence.

Allowing yourself to kick back with luxurious lodging, trying new things, tasting new cuisines from different cultures – that is what it is all about, and succumbing to your sweet tooth!

frisco lodge
The Frisco Lodge is just one of the many famous accommodation hotspots throughout Frisco

The Celebrated Frisco Lodge

Hotel Frisco, Colorado, is one of the most popular places to stay while visiting.

It has become a bit of a center point for tourists and Coloradans alike, alongside the Frisco Lodge, Frisco Inn, and all the cute rentals available.

Many choose to research all of their options before landing on a place, and lucky for those, the possibilities are many considering all the rental properties in the area and neighboring towns.

From cute cabins to traditional condos, there are plenty of opportunities depending on your taste, budget, and specific lodging needs.

Lodging in the town of Frisco allows you the opportunity to access everything that is nearly quick and easy!

vinnys frisco
Check out Vinnys if you are looking for real food made with organic, local, natural, and fresh ingredients

Fine Dining on Frisco Main Street

Who can imagine a vacation without good food? The better the food, the more fun and extraordinary memories!

Main St. has many options for picky little ones and more comprehensive palette ranges; breakfast, lunch, and dinner options appease the entire family.

For a small city, there are many choices as that city has grown over the years, bringing more people from different backgrounds, offering their own interpretation of their favorite dishes from their culture.

Taking a sleigh ride on the mountain, stopping off at a wine bar before returning to your weekend rental, and chowing down at one of Frisco’s finest restaurants following a long day of hiking in the White River makes for a satisfying day.

The choice from steak houses to coffee houses is up to you, but making your way between those places makes for an unforgettable experience.

For the caffeine enthusiasts, here’s a coffee lover’s guide to Frisco, CO. Discover where to sip the best brews while soaking in mountain views.

Sweet Treats for Outdoor Enthusiasts

For those who love a little bit of sugar in their lives, or a lot, there is one place on Main St. that you cannot miss – I Scream Gelato, the gelataria that will have you screaming for more!

From gelato on pancakes, gelato between a beautiful brioche bun, gelato inside a fresh bubble waffle cone, gelato as smoothies, or Affogato in the morning.

We offer traditional Italian gelato with expansive flavors and an environment for indulging that your family can truly enjoy.

colorado bbq challenge
The Colorado BBQ Challenge is not to be missed!

bbqCopper Mountain is Calling Out for You

From dining on the Frisco Bay, ice fishing at the Dillon Reservoir, playing in the Frisco historic park, and experiencing your first time at the Colorado BBQ Challenge.

Frisco is a town that supplies residents and visitors with memories they will always cherish throughout the rest of their lives.

A trip to Frisco, CO, may convert you to Colorado, as the breathtaking surroundings overtake many, and suddenly, going back home isn’t an option.

But if you are just popping in for a visit, all of Summit County is a lovely, dynamic, quiet place with the beauty of the outdoors as the backdrop and stage for your vacation – visiting is always worth it, even if you only have a few days, take advantage of your stay.

Pick Up the Phone and Head for the Hills of Frisco, Colorado

So, what area are you waiting around for? Hop on your computer or smartphone now and look at the lodging options for scheduling your next trip!

Frisco is always waiting for new visitors to come it’s way! Planning out a vacation is always exciting, and when choosing your place to stay, why not give Summit County a chance?

Frisco, Colorado, gives off all the homey vibes, and experiencing it with a fresh set of eyes for the first time is exhilarating and engulfing.

It is difficult not to get caught up in those gigantic and gracious Rocky Mountains; it is challenging to get off the slopes once you have had the chance to hop on, and it is even more testing to pass up Main St. for all the fabulous food, fun and friends you have yet to meet.

i scream gelato frisco
Come visit us at 269 E Main St near the corner of 3rd Ave. We’re looking forward to making your taste buds dance!

I scream gelatoVisit I Scream Gelato – Authentic Italian Gelato in the Rocky Mountains

While planning your visit to Frisco, don’t forget to stop by I Scream Gelato Frisco – the one-stop shop for all of your wildest dessert dreams! Wondering about our presence in the town?

Check out I Scream Gelato Frisco, CO reviews and see why locals and tourists alike adore our flavors.

Embark on a delightful journey around the world in 8 gelato flavors right here in Frisco!

The journey is much longer than eight flavors, though I Scream is dedicated to crafting a modern experience for any taste bud.

With over forty flavors on rotation, from Oreo and Donut to Key Lime Pie and Pistachio – all gelatos are created using traditional Italian tools and fresh ingredients for customers.

I Scream Gelato is located right in downtown Main St., within the picturesque community of Frisco, and our presence is meant to elevate dessert in the downtown area and across the Mile High!

Grab a scoop at the store or take it home with you – either way, we know you will be back in Frisco for more – and if you haven’t been before, we look forward to seeing you soon!

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