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What is Frisco, Colorado, close to?

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When it comes to desserts, no one beats I Scream Gelatio. Located in Frisco, CO, and hand-crafted with ingredients imported directly from Italy, our team here at I Scream Gelato delivers a wide selection of incredible and authentic flavors, sure to have your tastebuds screaming in delight.

If you’re taking a trip in the near future to Colorado, Frisco is the place to visit. With so many events and activities only a stone’s throw away, Frisco is the perfect local for you and your family’s next trip. The cherry on top is that you’ll also get to treat yourselves to some of the world-famous and highly renowned gelatos from I Scream Gelato in the process.

Located off I-70, north of Breckenridge, Frisco CO offers the best of forest and mountain activities as well as boasting a plethora of outlets for all needs

Frisco, Colorado – Activities and Events

Positioned in the middle of Summit County, Frisco is surrounded by many attractions, activities, and events, making it an ideal location for you and your family to explore on your next camping adventure with something sure to please everyone in the family.

Frisco, CO, is renowned as the “Main Street to the Rockies” due to its panoramic downtown and mountain proximity. This perfect positioning results in a town perfect for a winter adventure or summer activities.

Beautiful scenery surrounds downtown Frisco, from Copper Mountain to Keystone to the Arapahoe River Basin to Breckenridge and more. Frisco’s close proximity to these mountains makes the town a hotspot throughout the winter months, such as early December, with world-class ski resorts, cross-country skiing, ice fishing, and plenty of scenic snow and lodging opportunities.

These wintertime events are hardly even a stone’s throw away, with many skiing opportunities within quickly walkable distance from Downtown Frisco, Frisco’s Main Street, or Frisco Bike Park.

With up to eight ski resorts in the area, Frisco has everything to offer for winter adrenaline junkies!

Eight Ski Resorts Near Frisco, CO

Frisco sits right in the epicenter of winter recreational activities and adventures, with no less than eight different ski resorts only a short few-minute drive from the main street in the center of Frisco. The town even offers free transportation to half of these resorts itself.

All of these factors add up to Frisco being one of the most exciting and easily accessible places for a bevy of winter wonderland-themed entertainment and activities.

From Frisco’s lift-assisted tubing hill to horse-drawn sleigh rides, to backcountry skiing routes (available for both cross-country skiing and snowshoeing trails), to its over 16 miles of specifically tailored Nordic trails, and beyond. Frisco, Colorado, is not a place where you’re likely to run out of things to do in the winter season.

The Frisco Nordic Center serves as a hub for skate-skiing, classic cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing enthusiasts

Frisco Nordic Center for Cross-Country Skiing

Acting as a popular base of operations for the town throughout the colder months, the Frisco Nordic Center offers everything visitors might need, from information on snowshoe trails, snowshoers, cross-country hiking opportunities, and ski rental facilities.

Whether you’re a pro who brings your own skates and is looking for maximum adventure or a first-timer who is just searching for a simple beginner ski hill, the Frisco Nordic Center is the place to be.

Copper Mountain serves as the natural centerpiece of life in Frisco CO

Copper Mountain: Frisco’s Home Mountain

Situated less than seven minutes from Frisco’s Main Street, Copper Mountain is the mountain to visit just outside of town. Public lands surround Frisco, making excellent areas for fishing, biking, and hiking, with easy access throughout the summer. However, none are quite as revered across the cold season and the summer season as Copper.

Copper’s 50th Birthday Celebration

Copper Mountain is even more of a must-visit destination this year, thanks to its upcoming 50th anniversary is big. The mountain will celebrate its historical involvement with wintertime sports by offering dozens of specialized and unique resort activities and custom 50th-anniversaries promotions.

A commemorative 50-year-old coffee table booklet will be featured, offering beautiful photo credits of the scenic landscape of the mountain and its surrounding territories. This booklet and other 50-year-specialty items like it will be available throughout the entire holiday, making Copper Mountain a hotter (no pun intended) destination than ever before!

Two Below Zero Sleigh Ride

If you’re searching for a genuine, authentic snow-covered old West experience, look no further than the Two Below Zero Sleigh Ride. Named as such for the blisteringly cold temperatures, this Copper Mountain attraction takes guests on a scenic tour of the area via snowmobile before arriving at a camping location, which features heated tents and live music.

Why Frisco Loves Copper

Frisco and Summit County at large love Copper Mountain for its close proximity and the wonderful opportunities it affords. Ever since the mining boom of the late 1800s brought so many residents out near Frisco, Colorado, Copper has been a beloved staple of the culture of the area and has only grown even more lovely and iconic as the years have gone on.

Channel your inner hamster at Frisco Adventure Park!

Frisco Adventure Park and its Beginner Ski and Ride Hill

The Frisco Adventures Park Beginner’s Ski & Ride Hill is Frisco’s premiere skiing hill for children and beginners alike. Situated only four minutes from Frisco’s downtown area and other Summit County attraction sites such as Frisco Bike Park, Frisco Historic Park, the Frisco Inn or the lake, the Dillon Reservoir, Frisco Adventure Park provides all kinds of opportunities. The lift-assisted tubing hill is famous throughout the county.

Frisco Adventure Park is a Park for all Seasons

The Frisco Adventure Park offers all year-round entertainment, with some of the most exciting activities that Frisco hosts. When the weather is frigid, the park offers tubing slopes (with included tube rentals) and skiing and snowboarding.

In the summer months, Firsco makes Frisco Adventure Park into an equally wonderful spot for visitors, as it offers hiking, fishing, and skateboarding on a disc golf course and various bike trails.

frisco co schoolhouse museum
Historical landmarks such as the Schoolhouse Museum line the streets of Downtown Frisco

Downtown Frisco

Explore downtown with the incredible scenery of the mountain views. You can spend an afternoon or longer looking for gifts on Frisco Main Street. With fantastic and highly acclaimed restaurants such as The Lost Cajun and Vinny’s Restaurant, dozens of historic buildings, power boats at the Frisco Bay Marina, the Schoolhouse Museum, free ice skating and scenic views at the Center Village, Frisco Bike Park, and more, Downtown Frisco is full of wondrous activities.

Rainbow Lake Trail

If Lake Dillon and the Dillon Reservoir leave you hungry and longing for more, be sure to check out Rainbow Lake Trail. It’s a beautiful scenic trailer with hot springs, mountain biking trails, and fishing. It is even occasionally the site of the Frisco fishing derby.

Breckenridge Ski Resort

The ski resort of Breckenridge is a mere 15 minutes away from Frisco and has an impressive reputation for being the highest visited ski resort in North America. It has numerous peaks and continues to expand. Located near the Vail Pass, Breckenridge Ski Resort is a must-see attraction when in Frisco.

The ski resort at nearby Breckenridge offers everything winter sports lovers need to have a memorable time in the Rockies!

Loveland Ski Area

Located only 20 minutes from Frisco makes, the Loveland Skiarea – a mountain range full of relaxed vibes, breathtaking views, and 1,800 acres of magnificent landscapes – a popular destination as well. Be sure to keep in mind that there are no shuttles or lifts at this ski resort, making it an increasingly popular destination for more experienced ski enthusiasts.

Arapahoe Basin

Only 25 minutes from town is the basin affectionately known as the ‘A-Basin.’ Featuring nine different lifts and over 400 acres of skiable land, the A-Basin is yet another incredibly popular skiing destination located very close to Frisco.

What towns are between Denver and Frisco in Colorado?

The most popular town located between Denver and Frisco is Boulder, Colorado.

Come check us out at 269 E Main St here in Frisco. We’re looking forward to seeing you!

Come Visit I Scream Gelato in Frisco, CO!

Our team here at I Scream Gelato is continuing to expand. What began as a small business run by caring individuals passionate about serving delicious desserts the right way has since expanded and will continue to do so from coast to coast.

But if you are looking for an I Scream Gelato location to visit and having trouble deciding which one, our team humbly suggests Frisco, Colorado. It is a beautiful town, with everything from its Main Street to the Frisco Bay Marina to the Dillon Reservoir being truly eye-catching beauties.

Whether it’s the winter months or the summer season, Frisco is the crown jewel of Summit County for a good reason, with a plethora of outdoor activities such as skiing, biking, hiking, and more.

And if you get hot doing any of those outdoor activities, especially in the summer, just stop by I Scream Gelato, where we will happily serve you the delicious dessert that put us on the map!

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