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You have always considered yourself an ice cream lover and also want to become an independent small business owner. It only makes sense that you enter the face-paced, creative, and exciting ice cream and gelato industry. However, what is the better option: opening an independent shop or taking advantage of the many gelato franchise opportunities available?

On top of that, you must also consider another deceptively simple question: Will my ice cream franchise be successful and profitable?

Opening a franchise shouldn’t break the bank either.

Some of the Many Pros of Opening and Operating Ice Cream and Gelato Franchises

You love ice cream and are ready to draw up a business plan to own your own ice cream shop, but you just need a little more information to determine if it is the right investment for you. Here are some of the many reasons why you should consider opening your own ice cream shop:

Amazingly Fast Growth

After the initial franchise fee and low startup costs, you will be able to open up your ice cream or gelato shop. From there, be prepared to watch your profits soar.

People will always love ice cream and gelato. Once you have established yourself in your neighborhood and community, you will definitely begin to turn a profit relatively quickly, especially in the summer months.


As a busy adult, chances are one of the biggest qualms you have with starting your own business is time. Luckily, because most ice cream shops can be operated as a second income, you won’t need to sacrifice time with your loved ones to turn a profit.

Many busy professionals are making a massive first or second income by serving Italian ice and banana splits. The best part? No matter how busy you think your life is, you can do it too!

You needn’t sacrifice your family life when launching a new business.

A Chance to Show Off Your Creativity

Unfortunately, most adults in corporate-owned establishments don’t get a chance to show off their creative side. Want the opportunity to flex your creative muscles while entering a fast-paced industry that is based on sweet treats and fun? Opening an ice cream parlor will allow you to experiment with different flavors, mix-ins, and techniques, including flash-freezing ice cream.

In addition to creating unique flavors of ice cream and gelato, you can also create fun and exciting ways to display your food and attract customers.

Minimal Staffing Is Required

Whether you live in a coastal town where you will only open your shop seasonally or plan to keep your ice cream parlor open year-round, one of the biggest perks of starting your own ice cream business is that you will require minimal staff. This will allow you to lower your costs while quickly increasing your net worth.

Low Overhead Costs

When you review the numbers, you will quickly see why many franchisees choose I Scream Gelato to make their dreams of opening a small business a reality. The initial cost to open an ice cream parlor is minimal, especially compared to other frozen treat operations, including frozen yogurt stores.

After you purchase the necessary equipment, pay the franchise fee, and pay rent, you will only need to pay for the cost of ingredients and staffing moving forward. These minimal overhead costs vary depending on your location and other market factors.

Our easy-to-read menus offer patrons a plethora of flavors and delights to choose from!

Ice Cream Shops Can Be Seasonal or Year-Round Business Opportunities

Are you looking to boost your capital with a year-round venture, or want to enjoy the flexibility of a business you can keep open seasonally? When you own and operate your own gelato or ice cream shop, you keep the business open during the summer months and year-round.

There are several pros to each of these options, as well. For example, if you keep the shop open during the busy season when there is more foot traffic, you can save on costs because you do not need to hire employees to work 12 months a year. Keeping the busy open year-round can help you remain established too!

A Streamlined Menu Is Easier to Master

You are excited about the idea of opening your own small business but need to learn more about the ice cream game to feel comfortable opening your own ice cream shop. You are in luck because when you purchase gelato franchises from I Scream Gelato, you work with a successful business with a well-loved and established menu.

Our streamlined menu is guaranteed to make your franchise successful, and in no time at all, people will be flocking to your well-loved gelato shop to taste all the frozen treats you have to offer.

Expanding Your Menu Beyond Ice Cream and Gelato Is Easy!

Walk into your neighborhood ice cream shop and take a look around. Do they sell more than just traditional ice cream? Many ice cream shops offer a wide variety of products, including different frozen treats like Italian ice, frozen drinks, and frozen yogurt!

Include Beverages on Your Menu

In addition to selling ice cream-based desserts, including ice cream cakes, when you work with I Scream Gelato, you expand your menu with all varieties of beverages and desserts. From coffee and milkshakes to waffles and pancakes, you can attract a whole new customer base by expanding your menu with low-cost drinks.

Introduce Healthier Options

In addition to serving sugar-free or low-sugar ice cream and gelato, consider adding other healthy options to your menu. For example, you can introduce low-fat frozen desserts or low-calorie frozen yogurt!

what is sorbet?
Sorbet is made from a water base rather than dairy.

An Affordable Entry into the Franchise World and the Ice Cream Industry

With all the fantastic ice cream franchises and frozen dessert franchises available, including Baskin Robbins, Cold Stone Creamery, Repicci’s Italian Ice, and Dairy Queen, you are probably asking yourself: Why should I choose I Scream Gelato ice cream franchise? Simply put, you should join the other franchisees who have found success with I Scream Gelato’s unique and easy-to-follow strategy.

You will pay an upfront franchise fee of $30,000. On average, our franchisees are able to open a space for approximately $225,000, which includes the initial payment. This is far less than it would cost you to open an ice cream shop without the team’s support at I Scream Gelato.

A Step-by-Step Approach to Find Success

After the initial appointment, one of our representatives will reach out to you in person or through a remote meeting to discuss every detail of our newfound partnership. Next, you will visit a corporate location to catch a behind-the-scenes look at how we can help you start a successful gelato franchise.

The Foundational Knowlege You Will Need to Be Successful

Unlike opening your own independent ice cream shop or ice cream stand, ice cream truck, or other small ice cream or gelato franchises with the competition, we have the proven foundational knowledge you will need to turn your initial investment into more money.

coffee available at i scream gelato
Sweet nectar of caffeinated delight!

How Much Ice Cream Do I Need to Sell to Turn a Profit?

If this is your very first foray into the ice cream game, you are probably wondering how much ice cream you will need to sell to start seeing a profit.

Don’t worry because when you work with the fantastic team at I Scream Gelato, we can help you create a business model and guide that can help you determine how much ice cream and other frozen treats you will need to sell to be successful.

We have an established menu tens of thousands of our loyal customers have adored for years. When you start selling our product, you will be guaranteed to have a loyal fanbase of your own very quickly.

An Amazing Support Network to Back You Up While You Become Your Own Boss!

You have all the yummy ingredients you need to make gelato, including milk and sugar, and now it is time to start making products and advertising your business. Unlike other franchise operations, we will be with you through every step of the wonderful process, from start to finish, to ensure that you are successful.

We offer operational support, marketing support, and ongoing training that will keep you abreast of the latest technology, including flash-freezing ice cream and the use of liquid nitrogen.

As ice cream and gelato trends fluctuate, we will help guide you through these changes to ensure you consistently sell the final product your customers are guaranteed to love.

Wondering when you will see the dividends of your investment?

Become A Part of the Amazing Franchise Team at I Scream Gelato

Are you ready to carve out your own space and become a successful franchise owner? Do you want the ongoing support that an established company with a proven track record and a loyal customer base can only offer?

When you open an I Scream Gelato franchise anywhere in the United States, and you will be a part of a 72-billion-dollar industry with unparalleled growth potential.

Contact One of the Best Ice Cream Franchised in the U.S.!

At I Scream Gelato, we are looking for self-starters who want to create a lasting legacy for their children and want to make a positive impact in their community. If you fit that description and want to start earning a fantastic first or second income, contact the team at I Scream Gelato today!

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